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  1. Thx George, few dozen more I’ll and I’ll get the proportions dialled in. Gotta say, taking a razor to the ones I’m not happy with is satisfying in its own right.
  2. Thx George, Dave posted some tying instruction on the Classic Salmon fly facebook page.
  3. Working a Dave Carne’s tying course, it’s quite the resource he has made available.
  4. Very neat, I took my 5yo to watch the eclipse and she has been pretty space focused since then. My telescope will be headed to her room once her little sister stops destroying her stuff just for fun.
  5. Well done Vic. Tim, enjoy your cement well and may your bench be forever spill free.
  6. I may be wrong but I think they are speaking about adding enough thread to effectively close the gap where the wire of the eye comes around to meet the shank on an older(and some newer) hooks. There can be a small gap at that point the tippet can fall out of and even a rough edge that the tippet can get cut on. New hooks are better and this gap is almost negligible but if you are using 30D nano silk or other fine thread it might even slip into the eye when finishing the head.
  7. Clown Shoe Caddis hook: TMC 2457 #12 thread: semperfli 30d olive body: small clear d-rib* wing: Elk** sighter: orange mcfly foam Hackle: grizzly thorax: black superfine * subbed larva lace tubing for d-rib, my d-rib has gotten kinda brittle ** time for new elk, i was getting busted tips like poopdeck had issues with next up is Charlie Craven’s Lucky B
  8. I’ll spin up a clown shoe caddis at lunch. Looks like I have the stuff.
  9. Some awesome flies coming off the vise this month. Bruce, is the spinning hair you have dyed over white or bleached then dyed?
  10. Thx Norm, so far the sellers won’t ship it my side of the border. I’ve got a trip to Texas soon, worst case I’ll have it shipped to the hotel.
  11. That I have, I’m sure I’ll find some real stuff somewhere along the way. Likely best I continue to practice with subs anyways. thx George, I figured the Kori King might have a suggestion.
  12. Thx Norm, I'll check it out Thank you, this is very helpful. Do you have tips on Bustard Subs? I have several types of natural turkey and a ton of Lady Amherst centre tails. I was thinking about dying some of them as Bustard eludes me.
  13. ah ha, thank you for this tip. Even with the membrane still attached I found these slips fragile. Other than yellow, are there other colours you gents suggest I get out of the gate? I do plan to place an order with John but one big order is the goal.
  14. Thx Bruce , there is a noticeable bump at the tip I’ll try thin out and taper into the butt better. I’d also like to get the roof and shoulder to the butt to allow for a better side. I’m not using silk, yet, on the list to upgrade behind Teal, Wood Duck and larger Bronze Mallard. I can’t find a single ply silk local or I would pick up a yellow and black. I’m considering which other colours I want before I opt to pay for shipping.
  15. What a great idea. Thx all for the feed back on this one. I've not fly fished salt water but I do fish carp and they seem to like things sparse but leggy.
  16. Here is the pic, couldn’t seem to fix the other post
  17. Very Nice, hope you share a pic of it hanging from a brook trout mouth one day
  18. That is research enough for me to give it a shot While I had heard this term in the past, you referencing encouraged me to review it. Led me to the Venn diagram explaining this which, for me anyways, really provided some perspective Thx silvercreek.
  19. Hope the surgery went well, while I look forward to getting them, no rush on sorting and shipping
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