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On 10/26/2022 at 2:05 PM, cencalfly said:

USPS is in possession of this batch USPS Tracking 9400109205568877508194.  This one was challenging. Getting tented wings ala Glasso with hackle tips was more difficult for me than using bronze mallard.  Also with a do over I got about $30 into this one.  The steelhead irons are running about $1/each plus shipping.  I think they're usable flies though.  Thanks for everyone's patience.  Swapmeister please keep the spares. 

Silver & Black Spey

  • Hook: #1 Daiichi 2161 (Heavy Steelhead Iron)
  • Thread: Grey
  • Body:  Back half - Bright Silver floss; Front half – Black Ice Dub
  • Rib: Silver Oval Tinsel
  • Hackle: Black Schlappen; Guinea Fowl
  • Wing: 4 Grizzley Hackle Tips tented(ish) 
  • Collar: Gadwall or Teal or Mallard flank (I pulled from a mixed bag of feathers)

Raider Spey 2.jpg


The first batch was this style:

Fly Image.jpg


what sports team are your flies representing?

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Just because I'm on here... I'm assuming Oakland Raiders (says the 1st page anyway).  Nice flies cencal.

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2 hours ago, cencalfly said:

Me too. I almost did a Matuszak Matuka.  Still should and put it in the fly of the month.  However, have you been to Oakland recently?  Heck, the A's are about pick up sticks and head to Vegas.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  N

And what happens in Oakland moves to Vegas!!

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Had a small problem at the post office, their computer is down, I only sent the packages that had a tracking label on them, I will try and send the rest ASAP 

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