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Shoefly Swap - Registration is closed

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I sing Connecticut, her charms

Of rivers, orchards, blossoming ridges

I sing her gardens, fences, farms,

Spiders and midges.

Phyllis McGinley

Chironomids are a round the year family of flies that fish feed on.  Whether fishing moving water or still, there's some chironomids that live in it.  What is your favorite pattern? stage of life? color?  Tie it up for this swap!  Let's see your favorite bloodworm, ice cream cone, smoke jumper, or other larva, pupa, emerger or adult midge pattern.

Registration for this swap will close on Wednesday, February 28th or when we hit 12 members.  Flies will be due in by Wednesday, March 28th.  Remember the 5 basic things for the swap - your flies, each with it's own toe tag, all in your swap box, with a SASE all in your sending envelope.

If you are new to tying or new to swaps you are most welcome to join in the fun!  My swaps are open to ALL level tyers and I am happy to provide any assistance and answer any questions you might have.  My job is to ensure you enjoy your first swap.

 1 - psychoprince

 2 - Fruitrollup - received

 3 - fishingbobnelson

 4 - Woodenlegs- received

 5 - Trouttramp - received

 6 - vicrider

 7 - DarrellP

 8 -

 9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -




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7 hours ago, Trouttramp said:

Ill play, will buzzers work?



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14 hours ago, Woodenlegs said:


tried pm message said you can’t receive those 

need address please 





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5 hours ago, Trouttramp said:




I emptied my mailbox - must be another problem.  I'll check it out.


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