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  1. Ill get in on this one, if theres still space.
  2. Thanks for letting me know dubs. Just cleared it out.
  3. Ill jump in on this one as well! Patterns tbd
  4. I'm such an airhead. Flies are going in the mall tomorrow. I meant to mail them before I left town!
  5. I definitely want in on this one. I will need to think about the fly for a minute.
  6. Flies were mailed out today. Sorry for the delay. As many have already said, I had to go out and buy more materials. My fingers also look like they have been run over a cheese grater. ( kept snagging the trailing hook) Really excited for this swap there are some great looking flies in the bunch!!
  7. Need an address please. Flies are all set to be shipped out Monday.
  8. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while. I've been traveling a lot this month. Flies will be wrapped up in the next week or so and sent out.
  9. I forgot to mention it but for this swap I will be tying a Aino streamer. A pattern I found from Andreas Andersson. Done in steelhead colors.
  10. Thanks for the helpful advice guys. Obviously I plan on checking out youtube videos, but I thought it would be nice to gain some insight from experienced individuals as well. Thanks again everyone!
  11. This week I ended up being extremely fortunate and ended up winning a Flycraft Stealth fishing boat. I have always been landlocked and am lost at where to get started with learning to handle rowing in rivers. Can any one recommend any good tips or sites? Right now I am planning on heading out to a local lake to get comfortable with it, but I really want to learn to handle the rivers. Thanks in advance for any tips and advice.
  12. I do a bit of both. Some flies are just so nice I cannot bear to part with them, others I just know will catch me some fish so I use them. Usually after I have had them for about 6 months I take the ones I am saving for display, and add them to my display collections, and put the ones I am going to fish in the box.
  13. I would love to get in on this one! Still need time to pick a fly.
  14. Today I fished Atxdiscgolfers crystal skunk on the hoh river and took a nice little fish. More proof the people in these forums are tying some of the best stuff around thanks ATX!!
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