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  1. I’m in! I’ll figure out a pattern I want to tie and let everyone know!
  2. I’m in! And I’ll tie up some rusty trombones.
  3. Great swap idea. I’ll jump in and take the norm woods special!
  4. Very saddened to hear this news this morning. Kims excitement and lighthearted attitude towards fly tying, fly fishing and life in general will be sorely missed. Rest easy and tight lines.
  5. Hi Kim, As long as your address hasn’t changed in the last few months I have it saved in my address book.
  6. I’m in - some type of cicada pattern. Need to find one I like.
  7. Mine are going in the Mail this weekend!
  8. This is great! Thanks for hosting this swap. What a great way to see how fly fishing can mean so much in so many different ways!
  9. Flies are in the mail. Should arrive by the 2nd or 3rd. Thanks for hosting! tracking info: 9405509205568141096726
  10. I’d love to get in on this one. You can never have too many buggers! I’ll be doing a Thin Mint!
  11. I have some Griffiths gnats I’ll be sending out this week.
  12. Cencalfly I hope you are in the mend soon! Thanks for hosting Bob. Please keep or give away any extra flies that I sent.
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