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  1. My flies are heading to the post office on Monday!
  2. I’ll get in on this if there’s still an open spot!
  3. I’ll be attempting to tie up a pattern I found called a gypsy king crane fly!
  4. I’ll give this one a go. Crane flies will be a new one for me! Thanks
  5. Very sorry to hear that. Wishing you a fast and speedy recovery. I have a issue with my local post office where they always tell me that if I tried to put postage on the return package it would get returned to sender due to the size and possible hazardous contents. I will try to talk to them again. Sorry about the cash and well wishes!
  6. Just wanted to check that my flies arrived. It said they were in the mailbox when I checked the tracking last week.
  7. Received my flies in the mail today. Thanks to all the tiers for a great selections and a big thanks to Kimba for hosting and the extras!!!
  8. Hey Vicrider, So in response to your question I have no idea 🤷‍♂️. I typically back the bend of the hook in as well. I recently bought that fly box (8$) so I thought it was a steal. That being said all of my other boxes just have the slit in them not the small triangular part, I’m guessing they are so there’s more room for the hook point? Guess it was oversight as I was rushing to the post office before work. I took some of these flies down to a nearby pond and racked up more bluegill than I could count so I hope crappie like them just as much! I considered using a dubbing loop but with some persistence and 10 chubby sausage fingers I was able to get what I hope is a tight enough dub on there. Happy Fishing!!
  9. Mini Zonker size 12 hook white micro zonker strips dubbing blend: ice dub UV pearl and senyo white lazer dubb bead head
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