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Fly Tying

April Flies from the Vise

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Caught these












Using this




Takes about 15 minutes for the feeling to come back to my feet when I get out of the water but that’s springtime in Montana for you.




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FA (Floating & Ascending) Nymph




Hook – Dry fly style

Thread – To match insect color

Tail – Pheasant tail fibers

Ribbing – Copper wire

Wing case – Black foam strip

Thorax – Dubbing to match insect color*


*Use dubbing colors to represent BWO, PMD, Sulphers etc


Reference - Satoshi Yamamoto



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"The Dunt" Salmon fly

Kelson's version of the pattern with a few substitutions, because I don't have some of the materials. smile.png

Tag: Oval silver tinsel and light blue silk
Tail: A topping and teal
Body: Yellow (well almost yellow), orange, and red (sub for red-claret) dubbing
Ribs: Silver oval and flat tinsel
Hackle: Gray sub'ed for black
Throat: Teal
Wings: Turkey - wrong pattern, should be darker with white tips (I need some tail feathers)
Sides: Jungle cock (the right side should be lower, more like the left side)




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bruse heres the recipe


Hook - Mustad 94720, size 6

Thread - Black 6/0

Body - Copper Mylar Braid, Wrapped around hook shank (i used oval copper tinsel)

Throat - White Marabou, to bend of hook.

Wing - 3 strands each of pearl, blue, and pink Crystal Flash, over which is a medium gray marabou plume. (i used rainbow crystal flash)

Topping - 4 or 5 peacock herls as long as wing.

Eyes - Painted white with black pupils

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