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  1. If you do fish Michigan, that “fat” body will be a good match for the “Batfly” baetisca duns and spinners. The fish can be kind of selective towards a robust body like that, so tie a few more before you “improve” your technique. The color is relatively close too.
  2. Hey john1962 that fly would match the mahogany duns here on the AuSable and Manistee. Parachutes that size and larger work pretty well here as a dun.
  3. I tie down to size 26 on my Renzetti Traveler with standard jaws. I would also like to see in the midge jaws offer a big advantage.
  4. Nice while it lasted- one whole day- oh well.
  5. For whatever reason, the next page button and go to page button and loadmore activity button seems to work today! First time ever worked for me.
  6. I had ordered from them some hard to find Mustad hooks that were old stock I guess. Glad I found them and bought most of what they had left along with materials that I needed. Their price on the Mustads was reasonable.
  7. If you look at a Murrays Hellgrammite it often has a tail as long as you have tied. I would just suggest a wider gap hook. Don’t really need a much heavier wire hook if you are adding a beadhead for weight.
  8. When I worked for a trucking company we had to make sure the tire was mounted with the ring facing the trailer in case of a blow out. That kept the ring from flying off and hitting a vehicle next to the trailer. As mentioned, we filled those tires inside a cage or at least with the ring on the opposite side. Plus the tires were mounted to the hub with wedges that the lug nuts tightened into. The wedges were under a lot of tension so you never took a lug nut completely off without relieving that wedge by backing the nut off flush with the stud and rapping with a hammer. The wedge would pop out against that nut and loosen up all the rest.
  9. We have one. 14K Generac will power our whole house, furnace, stoves, refrig, well pump, washer, dryer, etc. If we had A/C they recommended 17K. Even if we added A/C they said just don't run everything at once and 14K would be ok. Winter outages are the worst because no heat and no well pump means frozen lines in a day or so and our power can be out for days. Total cost for installation, which includes the transfer box, delivery, and generator ($4.5K) around $7K. Runs off LP. Natural gas would be even cheaper to run, but we have LP only. We are in northern Michigan and quite a few places have these. Maintenance is just changing the oil on the generator motor (small lawn mower size engine) when needed.
  10. Same with me, tying Gartside sparrows uses a lot of aftershaft. Extra needed because they are so fragile.
  11. I have sunk the rod tip when swinging flies for steelhead to get deeper. Slow strip set to set the hook when you feel the take, then raise the tip up and to the side.
  12. On big streamers by hand usually, on smaller fllies a Matarelli tool, and really small flies or parachutes a half hitch tool.
  13. I like the binder idea. The spool slit messes up the tinsels so I don’t like that.
  14. I use the small halfhitch tool to push the hackle back with a half hitch. It keeps the eye clear for a finishing wrap.
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