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  1. I use the small halfhitch tool to push the hackle back with a half hitch. It keeps the eye clear for a finishing wrap.
  2. Lead core is pretty stiff by its nature of being lead wire, so if you want something more supple that still sinks well look into getting some T-11 or T-14 sinking material. Some fly shops sell it by the foot around $.75/foot. You can loop it by welding it or doubling back and nail knotting it with 8# mono. I think my lead core sinks a little faster than “T” material but since I switched I haven’t gone back to lead core. 9 wt Ambush will cast 10’ of T11 just fine spey style and OK overhead.
  3. Gates lodge on the AuSable in Grayling does Saturday morning 9AM -12 fly tying. It is free and usually they have chili. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Mt.Pleasant. Well worth the drive. https://gateslodge.com/ Check out their events page. Old AuSable Fly Shop also does flytying and is about ten minutes closer. https://www.oldausable.com/
  4. Probably cheaper to buy an inexpensive overly large wader and wear an inexpensive light wader inside of those for less money than a high end pair. Just a lot tougher when you gotta answer the call of nature. $800 is a lot for something that will last only a few years under moderate use.
  5. It has never worked for my iPhone but works fine on my iPad.
  6. I think Potts woven nymphs might be around that same time frame too. I believe he was a wig maker.
  7. I live in northern lower peninsula Michigan. We have mostly black squirrels and gray. The pine squirrels and fox squirrels have just about disappeared. That is just in the last eight years.
  8. I use head cement Fly-tite which is more like a thinned rubber compound. Not sure how cost effective vs Shoe Goop but it does hold turkey tail feathers together ok for hoppers.
  9. I have used Kold Kutters for a lot of years and mostly use 3/8 on thinner soled boots and 1/2 on thicker soled. I only use them on rubber soled wading boots though.
  10. Troutmaster, great picture, and I can even see the rod tip through his wings. Is that picture taken with your phone or a camera?
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