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  1. Jdbravo, Fishboy is spot on. This fly could be tied upside down or you could just tie the eyes on the under part of the shaft. Either way I suspect you will have the same results. Great looking fly. Michael
  2. I'm going to give it a try. My Daughters like this type of fly for their earrings.
  3. Good morning Kirk, When gluing up your foam, it looks as though you have either 9 or 10 sheets there, however my question is, what did you use for adhesive? Michael
  4. Mike, I think I understand what you are describing with the plastic. I'll have to try it to see how it works. I had planned to purchase one of the Fugly Packers. I was actually considering purchasing both of them. Would you recommend both? Michael
  5. Good evening Bob, I completely understand what you mean about being a human-power boat nut. I too am one. I have 4 canoes, 3 kayaks (with another one in progress) I was just given a 16 foot White square stern rib and plank with blind sponsons. It needs new trim and canvas and that is it. I also have a 14 foot aluminum with an eight horse on the back. I mostly use this to get me to the duck hunting spots. Keep in mind I still tow my canoe behind to get go that last bit into the swamps. Again I thankful for the comments. Eventually I would like to be doing this for a living. Michael
  6. Got mine today!!! Even my daughter was excited to see these. She wants me to tie a couple of these for earrings. Thank you to everyone, especially you Mike for hosting. Everyone of these will be fished this year. I have no doubt that they will absolutely slay them. I do have a couple question for Crackleback and Bryon Anderson. What are you using for a hair packer. I suspect it is a Fugly Packer. I have a Brassie and can not come close to how tight you are packing your hair. The other question I have, Do you find your flies float as well packed tightly or do you have better floatation with less tightly packed hair? Thank you again everyone. Michael
  7. Wow! I never thought of what they look like with out discription. They really do look like everything you are saying they look like. Actually they are travel mugs. I found the stainless steel inserts and I turn the wood into cups and glue them in. Michael
  8. Stmflies, Those are some stellar ties!!! The bass are going to crush these. Michael
  9. Crackaig, Any chance you can post a video or a link to a video? IMO there is nothing more impressive than close up magic! I really anjoy seeing someone do a mind blowing trick that leaves you scratching your head and trying to figure it out for days, even weeks, until you just give up and say I don't get it. Michael
  10. I was rying to add these two pictures to this last post. For some reason they did not make it.
  11. I do that everyone for your compliments. They are appreciated. I was not trying to make this about me, I would really like to see and learn about what everyone else does. Any takers? One other think I have been doing this last year for Christmas gifts was these.
  12. Again I am thank for everyones curiosity with my other passion. I have started a thread titled What else I do? Michael
  13. It has been requested to show pictures of our other passions. Mine is building Kayaks and canoes out of wood. To answer many of the questions that have been asked on another thread. I have a small business that I build these. I start with pencil and paper with the customer. From that point it takes about 300 hours to deliver the boat. Many people have said that they would be scared to put it in the water for fear of scratching it. I say if you purchase one, you can hang it in your living room. Personally I would rather see it on the water. As you can see from the last photos, Someone clipped it while it was on my truck. It is completely repaired and is ready for the water again this year. I charge $4500 for a kayak and $3500 for a canoe. The smaller kayaks in the pictures are 11 feet long and finished at 29lbs. The larger one is just under 18" long, it has two hatch covers with two bulkheads inside. Last winter I played in a pool for over an hours doing self rescues, I had less than a cup of water inside the hatches when I took it out of the pool. This one finished at 46lbs. I thing this answers many of the questions, however feel free to ask anything else. I really am curious what others do. Michael
  14. I am completely humbled by your complements. Thank you All. I will sit down sometime soon and see if I cam add more to the pictures. FlaFly, I have put many sctatches in kayaks before. They are all repairable. That is one of thebest parts of these. I'll also post a picture of what it looks like when someone clips the kayak while it is on the truck. Again , everything is fully repairable. Michael
  15. Good morning Mikechell, Thank you for the compliment. I truly enjoy building these. It gives me time to use my hands and mind. I also like how it lets me use my creative side. As far as cost, I start at $4500, and time, I start with a piece of paper and a pencil, approx. 300 hours later I deliver a boat to the customer. I have built 11 boats to date and have one that is in production right now. I'd like to finish it this year, however life might get in the way of that happening. Michael
  16. For me it just adds to the swap to post the pictures. I'd say go for it. Michael
  17. 32 years selling furniture in retail stores. However, I have to say this is not my passion anymore. I also have a small business that I build Canoes and Kayaks. I also have rental property I manager along with a wife and two teenage daughters that are in school. Not together... I mean... she is not in school with them. Michael
  18. Flytier, Thank you for that link. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Michael
  19. I have been pleased with J. Stockard hooks. I have only purchased their scud hooks, however I have been please with the quality and especially the price. Michael
  20. Good morning Eidur, First I want to say good luck in your quest for a new rod. It is interesting what people have and why they like it. Couple of rods on your list I would like to comment on. First is the Orvis Clearwater. I have one of these. I usually fish this on smaller streams where presentation is everything. I find it is extremely accurate within 40 feet. However I do not care for how it casts much beyond 60 feet. It feel a bit slow in the hand. I have had the occation to try the Eco Solo rod. It felt incredable and would concider it for another rod. Although I have not fished with one as of yet. Something I would like to recommend is the Temple Fork Outfitters Signature Series rod. It is only a 2 piece rod, however I really like it. (Also the Pro Series is a 4 piece for $30 more) I have had this rod on large ponds where we chuck #4 streamers on full sink lines. I have had it on smaller streams nymphing. I have even used it on small mouth bass on the larger rivers. I like how well it presents out to 60 feet, and at the same time I can through 95 plus in the right conditions. Hope this helps in you quest. Michael
  21. Mike, Glad to hear they made the trip unscathed. I'm planning to use them for a trip to Brown country also. I also have a pond that we fish for Large Mouths at night. I want to see how this works on them. Michael
  22. Hey Mike, Flies are in the mail. Should have them next week. Michael
  23. For some reason I was thinking I needed 12 flies. Obviously I only need 6... so in that case mine are ready for the box to be mailed. I'll put them in the mail Monday. Thank you for the reminder though. Michael
  24. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Welcome back! Michael
  25. I too sung the ending. Glad you enjoyed it. Michael
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