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  1. 60f water temp is still quite fishable, the biggest problem was your flow rate and human occupation lol ( what fish were there got pounded with every fly under the sun), salmon love running water. Higher water makes it a little faster and the salmon come up from Indian pond in higher faster water but retreat back down in slower lower water and of course warmer. And the pools will hold fish for a bit with more water. When the waters low you tend to catch mostly dinks, the river doesn't hold the bigger fish well in low water.. It's just the nature of things up there. Of course there is always the chance for the odd ball. I drifted a #16 black caddis one time in lowish water in Aug, I was just checking the drift of the fly in kneed deep water and a set of lips poked out and grabbed, it was a 20" salmon in warmer water than you had. So it does happen. That's why we call it fishing I guess.
  2. Hope you said hi to Scott and Allison for me lol. I've been traveling up there for more than 30 years. The water is very low this year and the Moose river is even worse. Normal flows in the East Outlet for June would be nearly double what you had which holds the bigger fish for a while and makes down river fishing more realistic ( kind of bony down there at 1100 cfs. I'm gonna say you did well considering the circumstances.
  3. You had that big rainbow the other night, pretty well hit the peak right there. So if you go then will go with good memories.
  4. After a front like that goes through I generally expect fishing to be screwed up for a day or two after. But eventually they turn back on. I've seen it go the other way too but that's more rare. They more likely go nuts on the approaching front eating everything you throw at them, soon as the front hits it's like there was never a fish in the place. Just sayin. So you at least probably did good going to the motel in all regards. We will see what Sunday brings for you, hopefully a few more stellar trout in the next few days though.
  5. There is always one hallmark moment or day or night on these trips, that night might be yours . And if it keeps on comin then all the better ! That one rainbow on the dry would have satisfied me for the entire trip if I got nothing else. We got some football rainbows around here in one particular pond that turn on in the fall chironamid season out around Oct. That fish reminds me of some of those.
  6. I've been on trips like that, my 4th finger on my right hand would basically seize up and I knew I needed a day off from the heavy casting. Like you, rest in the day, maybe go get an ice cream someplace even if it meant driving 25 miles each way lol ! Then later just work a single pool in the evening with short light casts drifting the eddy line with a stimulator or something. A couple of times I got fooled with some 21" or so salmon on a short 7 ft 4 wt. Ya know, it's quiet, it's still and it's great just being there fish or not, knee deep in water casting over the run into the pool and a head pokes out and grabs your fly, ain't nothing like it. If you don't break your rod down wading out of there the bats come along just after sunset and slap your rod tip. And the pool I'm thinking of was a river wade to get to, maybe a 1/4 mile or so.
  7. One year in Maine where I go the biologists tagged some big trout to gtry and find out what their travel plans were like lol, with tracking devices that is. One brook trout was 5lb. That fish went in and out of the Moose river 5 times during the summer months and mostly lived in the depths of Moosehead Lake in the warmest weather. Basically the only thing that stays in the river in the mid summer is some young salmon, they season over for a couple of years then they migrate as well. there are a few resident salmon that hang out right at the dam in the deeper part of the pool there, as smelt and deep cool water run through the turbine there. Some small mouth have started entering the river these days, that whole area was free of bass back in the day but some got planted illegally and it's taken 30 years for them to multiply and take root. Same with the Kennebec river. Anyway, enough of my story ! Looks like you got it going on out there Steve, enjoy the rest of your trip even if you've had to kind of engineer a plan to be in certain spots at various parts of a 24 hour period. It's all good when you're out fishing.
  8. Hah ! My eyes changed from one season to the next back around 1992-1994 or so. The good news is considering the time passed my eyes aren't too much worse, though I do need magnifiers to tie flies now.. Just drug store +2.25 or there abouts. Nice little smallie. I haven't been out this year, I don't have a lot of steam to get going in the aftermath of my wife passing back in Dec. Normally I take my boat or wade sometimes too at a 4 mile pond here where this time of year the hexes should be hatching at night. I often get the remnant of the hatch at first light or otherwise early morning. That's something to think on too Steve if you get those hexes out your way, it seems every fish in the pond is up on those things and some are huge fish too.
  9. That last hurrah right near sunset is always the best !! Way to go Steve ! Then what I like to do is just as I can barely see to tie on a final fly put on a big black or purple marabou streamer and cruse that through the pool, sometime the fish of your dreams will grab that then.
  10. Enjoy your trip. At least it looks like you have some water, the stepson on his way back from norther Maine right now found a trickle up there. This time of year the flow is generally tapered back from 4000cfs or even more to mid 2000cfs, this year they started at 1000. I pray for rain for those folks up there, that's a bad start and being so dry is tough on wildlife and potential fires.
  11. Ya know, I don't think I've ever caught a fish using straight antron dubbing for hares ears and it's not like I haven't tried.. The blend has promise though, there are conditions where it seems beneficial.. For me day in and day, I prefer the natural because I've had the best results fishing with it nearly everywhere in average conditions. You learn ways to get it on the thread, it's really not all that big a deal. And if you want a little sparkle wind a thin gold rib into the nymph. I do find that to help quite a bit.
  12. With the green I like that tame natured contrast of the wraps for a change.
  13. My first vise was a non rotating chrome Thompson of which I do not recall the model but was thinking it was an A in chrome, and my now 47yo stepson still ties on that vise ( he ties some dry flies, elk hair caddis or simulators, but mostly streamers and woolly buggers). He's had it since his teen age years, so over 20 years plus my time on the vise prior to that makes it a very worthy investment.
  14. I haven't but I do have the same iteration of their 102 Supreme. Having switched to H#H for my two main vices simply because I had certificates to get them, I tied for 25 years on that 102 as my main vice and still keep it in my travel case. So when I go to Maine and tie there I'm using that vice. It's still good, the rotating tolerances were never great and still aren't but in function it works fine and it holds hooks fine. I know that doesn't help you with the Crown lol ! Their Crown I imagine is the same as the rest of the Crowns out there. These are all made in India fwiw. But the jaws on my iteration of the 102 vice still hold today. I can recommend that on the sheer longevity of use I've gotten from mine. Maybe someone will be along and answer your question more directly about the crown.
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