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  1. If the videos have something to offer, put them out there, subtitles or not. Hell, even if they dont have something to offer,put them out there. That's what the internet is for,right.I for one dont care for subtitles, but if the video compels me I'll watch.
  2. Wow. I for one had no idea how much went into the process.
  3. Maybe not that bad,but definitely have my share. That looks like a do over for sure
  4. All great suggestions by other tyers likely more experienced than I. I would have say, if you dont want to buy more materials, find a recipe that uses what you have and tie em up. The tie you pick first will be the beginner fly.
  5. +1 to that. Or deciding to change flies, taking care to tie to 7x tippet with a chill affecting finger dexterity, sliding into a perfect angle to cast at potential holding spot along the bank, then delivering a perfect roll cast into the overhanging branch...with spin casters watching. Oooh that bugs me
  6. My flies most assuredly become variants by the time they're done. I think that's a good thing. Fish must get tired of all those perfect flies drifting by
  7. This is good stuff! On one occasion at the fishin' hole, I walked up to see the trout porpoising. Four or five of them,30 feet from the truck,And I was the only soul there! Indeed, the fishing gods were looking down in favor.I had never seen anything like it. Before or since. I thought, today's the day. This will be like shooting fish in a barrel. I feel that would have been infinitely easier, but in the name of fair chase I tied on fly after fly after fly. Ne'er a glance. In fact, they would mockingly rise NEXT to my offerings. Flicking me the fin as they got another gulp. (Where's my gun).I assumed in my inexperience, that the fish would simply take whatever fly I threw down the pipe. That outing ended with an empty net,and lots of questions. Considering all your thoughtful post though,it sounds like my fly box isn't deep enough, and I should be changing flies more frequently in an attempt to even the odds. There's just no substitute for experience
  8. I've been fishing with the fly for about three years now. I have gotten fairly proficient with casting,and had success with the local warm water fish( sunnies, bass,pickerel, crappie). But when I try for the stocked trout my state has to offer, I leave confounded wondering if even fish are in the area. So, as a beginner to the craft,I have to ask are trout really that picky?
  9. Hogan


    That's a nifty trick,using the tag end to spread the tail.
  10. That's March madness at it's best. The way the brackets are set up,there is always some good upsets. I didnt know it was the first of its kind, though. You're right, it could be a great motivational tool for both teams.
  11. Melt the ends with a lighter. This not only fuses the tubing ends, it provides a 'ridge' to start the tie so the thread doesn't slip off
  12. Got a pair of ray bans with a progressive prescription last year.I got them for driving, primarily,as my transition lenses don't react to glare or indirect sunlight. I can say I am happy with the brown lense "bans". They were pricey at $500+,though. I don't know how long these will last. At least as long as the prescription I hope!. But, when it's time for another pair. I will try to get frames that are more fitting to my face. Sometimes the side glare is a real PITA.
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