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  1. My son frequently comes with me to go fishing. Sometimes he invites friends to come along.
  2. My son had a youth group hangout about 5 minutes from one of my favorite creeks. So after I dropped him off I swung by with my 4 wt for a few casts. Only had about 40 minutes to fish, but I wasn't disappointed!
  3. There were several that looked to be green sunfish/bluegill/red-ear sunfish hybrids. That pool wasn't there a couple weeks ago, but looks like some flooding took down a tree on the bank. I like how creeks change from time to time as it gives a familiar place new character. It was quite fishy! We spent probably 45 minutes working through it trying to catch some of the bigger bass that were planted at the bottom by the root wad.
  4. My son and I headed out to a local creek here in SW Missouri yesterday morning for a few hours of fishing. The sunfish were tearing it up and we had a great day 🎣. Missed landing a couple of nice bass, but several of the green sunfish put a real nice bend in my 4 wt so I won't complain too much.
  5. These look awesome. I just ordered a kit the other day to try tying a few up. The rubber legs pattern looks very effective also, but I haven't been able to find any tying instructions anywhere. Any ideas?
  6. Could be! I'm going to try to hit the water tomorrow or Saturday and see how it does. There's a few things I'll tweak, but seems like it ought to catch a fish or two.
  7. Trying my hand at something vaguely crane fly-ish...
  8. Nice! That hopper looks simple which is right up my alley...going to have to tie some up.
  9. I have some olive Hare's Ear Plus that I really like, but mostly I buy the plain Hare's Ear and then add to it whatever I want when the mood strikes. I mix in ice dub quite a bit for a little sparkle.
  10. I've been playing around with different leader setups lately and have given some thought to trying out furled leaders. This post just happened to catch me at the right time! Couple of questions: 1) Most of you seem to indicate that you are using relatively thick mono to start with (20-30 lbs) and it seems to be that this would result in a very thick butt section. What weight setup are you casting these with? I was thinking of making one for my 4 wt since that's the rod I use the most, but I was thinking of starting with something like 4 or 6 lbs mono. 2) I wanted to put a tippet ring in mine like the first video shows, but on the finished leader his tippet ring looked loose in the loop that was left after twisting. I have seen other furled leaders where the tippet ring looked like it was held tighter. I imagine having the tippet ring loose like that would cause some problems with casting, but maybe it doesn't.
  11. It's been a few weeks since I have been on the water so I was really needing to get out and throw a line. I grabbed my 4 wt and hit my local trout stream with my son yesterday morning. We scouted out some stretches I haven't fished before and I caught several creek chub, sunfish, and some small trout. Overall it was a lovely day. In the afternoon I found a nice deep stretch of the creek and landed some nice trout. Then it happened... I found a nice deep hole behind a fallen tree. It screamed big trout. My son hadn't caught anything thus far so I let him take first crack at it while I waded downstream to check out some spots. When I returned he reported that there were some huge trout that had shown interest in the lure he'd been using. I took stock of the situation and there was no real way to get a cast in there because of the overhanging branches. So I swapped out my woolly bugger for a clouser minnow. It was the only thing I had that would get down quick enough in the current spilling over the fallen tree. I peeled some line off my reel, lowered the clouser into the current and let it drift down into the hole. Then my line tightened and I set the hook into a hog of a rainbow. It was hard to keep the fish away from structure and try to horse it over the log because of the overhanging branches, but I almost managed it. I was trying to get my net from my waist pack when the trout jumped, spit the clouser back at me, flipped the middle pectoral finger and swam back down to the bottom of its hole. I spent another 30 minutes trying several different colors of clouser and putting an unholy amount of slip shot on my leader to get down some other flies with no bites. I had several looks from what looked like nice trout, but no bites. I'm still thinking about that fish. I might have to go back this week and give it another go.
  12. First attempt at a muddler minnow came out pretty good. Could maybe have used a slightly larger clump of deer hair and I might have trimmed the head a tad too small, but it'll fish.
  13. I was in the Dollar Tree this morning and happened to see this drying glove. I have a chartreuse grizzly hen saddle that I thought would go well with it. Fairly certain the result will catch some fish 🎣.
  14. I dislocated my knee about 4 weeks ago which pretty well screwed up my plans for summer break (I'm a teacher, I need me some time off damn it). I'm starting to be able to get around again so today I took a trip to a small creek that's fairly easy to get to. Since it's a weekday and it was pretty early, no one was really out which was nice. Caught quite a few fish including my first bass on a fly this year and some hella beautiful long-ears!
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