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  1. Some size 4 Clouser minnows tonight.
  2. I've been wanting to try some articulated flies, but the cost of the little metal doohickies is kinda outrageous. I found some galvanized wire while cleaning out the shed today and an idea was born. Might not hold up long term, but let's be honest this'll probably end up stuck in a rock or a tree after a few casts 🙄.
  3. Some size 12 woolly buggers and a few size 14 pheasant tails this afternoon.
  4. Just a few basics with my morning coffee.
  5. Different creek today. Tossed some baby Clouser minnows with my spinning rod. Cheating I know, but this creek isn't terribly friendly to fly rods unless you're in a kayak and the it is too high still to do that comfortably. At any rate, they proved to be successful though they didn't ride quite right in the water.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to try something a bit thicker next time. I was trying to use the bodkin to pick them up and put them on with a dab of superglue. The first one went fine, but the second one was all kinds of a pain. It kept falling off the bodkin and getting stuck to everything, but the fly. Spent the afternoon tying. Among other things I added more seaducers and some small clousers to the fly box.
  7. Tried my hand at an EP Minnow tonight. Not my favorite fly to tie. I have super glue all over my fingers from trying to get the eyes on 😒.
  8. I'm on spring break this week and my wife and kids took off to visit her sister. Which means I get to do whatever I want all week and that means fishing! Lots of fishing! I went out after trout yesterday, but the spot I went to was crowded with families with kids tossing rocks in the water. I managed to get a few bites, but didn't land anything. Today I went to a local creek mostly to test out some new patterns, but managed to catch a few sunfish which was nice. Saw a few good sized bass, but couldn't tempt them into biting.
  9. Started getting ready for a trip to Florida...
  10. We'll probably be shore bound most of the time though my wife has been looking into renting some kayaks for the week so that could expand our fishing options. As for target species I'm not picky...whatever is biting! I wouldn't mind some peacock bass, but it seems they might be more towards the other coast. Also some oscar or other large ciclids would be cool, but I'm not picky. I would also like to get out to the beach for a day or two.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! I got my order of saltwater hooks in this past weekend. Just gotta pick up a few supplies from the fly shop this next weekend and then I'm going to start tying. The Schminnow isn't a pattern I was familiar with, but it looks super simple which is right up my alley 😁.
  12. More gurglers and seaducers tonight.
  13. Getting ready for spring break. Stocking the bass box and replenishing a few things. I got my saltwater hooks in today so I'll be starting to tie some flies for my summer vacation shortly.
  14. This summer I'm heading to Florida for family vacation. We've got an Airbnb booked that is right on a canal in the Cape Coral area. My son and I are super excited about having easy access to water! I'm planning on spending some time over the next few months filling some fly boxes for the trip and am looking for advice on what to tie. So far I'm thinking: Clouser Minnows EP Shrimp Foam Gurglers EP bait fish of some sort Is there anything that I should make sure to tie? What colors would be your go to for the south Florida area? Also what sizes should I tie these in?
  15. Thanks. He's become quite the fishing enthusiast this past year, better for him than playing video games all weekend.
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