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  1. I will tie a Pats Stone for this ... Steve-stabgnid
  2. I'm very guilty of this ..... So sorry I will try to get better Steve-stabgnid
  3. You could counter wrap with some mono . Steve-stabgnid
  4. Bob Lost your address need it PDQ .... Steve-stabgnid
  5. Oh Sh*t forgot to mail flies out they been sitting on my desk for days the quickest I can get them in the mail is Monday . Saturday PO here is closed.. Steve-stabgnid
  6. Need address please.. Steve-stabgnid
  7. In Mail 3/29/2021 Steve-stabgnid
  8. There done... PO has no Saturday hours so they will be mailed out Monday Steve-stabgnid
  9. Flies mailed out 3/9/2021 ... Darrell PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FLIES BACK TO ME .. you keep them .. Thank You Steve-stabgnid
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