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  1. You're welcome. Great flies. Will host another swap after the holidays.
  2. I had done around 12,000 says and neuters that caused mine, being a vet. I was dropping instruments in the O.R. no problems now. I can feel them again.
  3. I had the surgery. Fixed the problem. Waiting too long can result in permanent damage. Recovery was not bad at all.
  4. I apologize in advance that my flies are not quite up to Flytier's skill level.
  5. A Carey special is commonly tied in size 8. It is a big soft hackle. Then there are Steelhead and sea run cuts flies. Some Steelhead soft hackles are pretty big. I use a lot of size 10 soft hackles for panfish.
  6. I am excited. I just got a new running line and Skagit head for my Spey rod. The running line has a big loop on the end that slips over the coiled fly line so that lines can be changed easily. I have a Scandi head already. This should enable me to use large heavy flies on the Skagit, as well as add sink tips to it. Smaller flies can be used with the Scandi line. There are plenty of videos on line. This should be fun.
  7. Mark, I somehow missed this in May. Very cool way to taper materials. This is one of those, "now why didn't I think of that?" Very much an improvement for tying streamers with synthetic material. 👏!
  8. You did a good job. I learned something. I had not been putting the red yarn all the way up the hook. I had just put it in like a tail. Tying a fluff butt. Your way looks better. In the spirit of trying to help, you might want to try tying squirrel in reverse and gluing. Then pull it back and wrap over it. Reverse winging helps with slippery hairs. I have had trouble with squirrel coming out. Just another technique. Your way works, but is less strong, IMHO. Good job! You are very talented.
  9. Contact St Croix. I have gotten excellent service from them
  10. For lakes, a Carey Special. If you have Stoneflies, a girdle bug or a Brooks Stone nymph
  11. All sorted. In the mail soon. Great flies. Thanks for participating. I am humbled. Mine don't have toe tags. One Scandinavian in Salmon colors and one tube fly in Steelhead colors. If someone could post photos, my phone will not load today.
  12. I have received them all. Will process and mail Monday or Tuesday
  13. The space would be 1great for a Portland hitch. Welcome.
  14. We use them as toppings, and they last for at least a couple fish.
  15. Nice fly, Flytier. How long do the legs hold up? I like any fly with peacock, except a Zug bug.
  16. I agree. Beautiful fly. That would probably take some coastal cutthroat. I may have to "borrow" the pattern. Thanks for posting.
  17. Flies tied "in the round" appear the same either way, too the fish. Now whether hook up or down hooks better?
  18. I have. It swims well. You might want a sink tip to get it down.
  19. I have been happy with my Regal Medallion. Not great for small flies. If I were tying a lot of small stuff, I would get midge jaws. It has a groove for larger hooks. It holds an HMH tube adapter well. I have not been happy with how it hols intruder shanks.
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