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  1. I mostly use parachutes and use the post for visibility. I often use orange, yellow or blue for the post and catch fish. I have always heard that in smooth spring creek situations more imitative flies matter. Rough water, rough flies. My dry flies consist of a parachute Adam's, Elk Hair Caddis, Klinkenhammer special, Royal Wulff, Stimulator, or a foam creature. However, I fish subsurface most of the time. I also agree that presentation is most important, closely followed by size of fly. Please show your flies and give us a report. If you can see them without the wing, I don't think wings will matter much.
  2. I received the last set of flies on Saturday-yesterday. I will get them in the mail Monday. The last set was from Bryon and let me tell you, they were worth waiting fot!
  3. I am waiting on one batch that is in the mail. Will send them asap.
  4. We have a quorum. The swap is on. Hopefully we'll get 4 more to join.
  5. Spring has sprung and it is time for some panfish action, or trout or bass. Most of you are too old to enjoy the rush of spring hormones, anyway, so you might as well tie some flies. 12 foam flies, any size, for any species. Due May 1st. 1. Woodenlegs. RECEIVED 2. Vicrider. RECEIVED 3. Camo Clad Warrior RECEIVED 4. Stabgnid RECEIVED 5. Dogfacedoc. RECEIVED 6. Vincent 7. Mikemac1 RECEIVED 8. WWKimba. RECEIVED 9. Flytire. RECEIVED 10. Johnw1986 RECEIVED 11. CPHubert. RECEIVED 12. Chasing tails. RECEIVED Address is Dr. Darrell Phillips 7890 NW Westside Rd. Carlton, OR 97111
  6. Well, at least you are in New Orleans, where it has all been done before. It is hard to come up with an original way to misbehave in New Orleans.
  7. i like all of the soft hackles!
  8. Great that he is tying so young! Good job getting him interested.
  9. Mine were mailed on Tuesday. Mine are for the lake.
  10. I appreciate everyone's participation. The flies are beautiful.
  11. Got my flies yesterdayl Great job guys. These will come in handy this summer.
  12. Scott, do you notice that Congo hair helps the fly float?
  13. Got mine today. Great flies. Impressed. It made me realize I am not a tail-water fisherman.
  14. Man, my stuff is everywhere. I need to get organized 😩
  15. Denduke, what are those made from?
  16. Being a vegan in New Orleans is illegal, isn't it?
  17. Yeah Chug, you win prettiest set up by far. Happy wife happy life. Be sure and vaccun when you finish. Do you fish for Redfish ? I am originally from MS and always enjoyed NOLA. My stepson went to Loyola.
  18. This is one of the coolest ideas that I have seen. Kudos!
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