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Fly Tying

November Flies From The Vise

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Kimo, the scud is awesome the picture is awesome.


TIER, that's actually the best picture I've ever seen from you. You are starting to get it. Now just work on the focus a bit. You know you can do better if you work on it.


Scott, lovin' the elk hair muddlers and others.


Norm, thanks, the flies are very cool, and the text make them even better.

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Peter Ross Muddler








Replaced the standard grizzly collar with chukar for a bit more length.



hook – Mustad 3906 #6

thread - UTC 140 black

tail - golden pheasant tippet

rib - small wire silver

abdomen - tinsel sliver

thorax - dubbing red

body hackle - black

collar - chukar

head - deer hair





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Tied this one up today


Hook: Partridge 31550 #12

Thread: UTC 70 (black)

Tail: cock hackles (black)

Body: superfine dry fly dubbing

Wing: CDC puff (light blue Dun)

Thorax: black foam with florescent Antron bodywool as a sighter




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@Noahguide, why have you put a bead on the klinkhammer in picture 1, that will make the fly sink, as far as I was aware a klinkhammer is designed to float (or is it silver/grey thread)

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