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  1. Thin Mint about size 10, Poundmeister in the same size. Both with beads for weight. I only fish stillwater where we live and have the best success with these two flies. Also chironomids in size 16 to 20 under an indicator work real good. I do not fish any flies on the surface so I couldn't tell you what might work for this. Remember in cold months slow is the secret, and when it is warmer move the fly more.
  2. One of my first flies looked like a dog crapped on it and then it rolled in the weeds. First time I fished that fly I caught a 26 inch-6.6 pound Rainbow on it. All this on a fly rod I paid about 45 bucks for total (rod, reel, backing and line. Wish I still had that fly.
  3. Man I am happy for you. I will be doing the same thing in March of 2021 also.
  4. mikechell you couldn't be more right.🙃
  5. Even a fish on the train to stupidville would take that!
  6. Best fishin' buddy you'll ever have!
  7. Vick's lip care for floatant. Been using it since about 1990 and still using it for my flies. A fraction of fly shop floatant and last quite a long time. Just my 2cw.
  8. Started tying in 1989 and am still learning everyday.
  9. I started fly fishing in 1975, and started tying in 1989 after a few lessons from Ed Marsh on tying a Bunny Leech. Still tying and have tied alot of bench flies which some turn out to be duds and a few turn out to be fish killers. I wish Ed was still with us to see my old friend again.
  10. It's possible the line has very small cracks in it and takes on water making it sink. It has happened to one of my lines, being a RIO. My personal opinion of RIO lines is not good. I think Scientific Anglers and Airflo make far better lines.
  11. onebadmofo

    First Car

    I don't have a picture, but my first car (vehicle) was an early '40s Willy's Jeep. It had been painted with a brush over the military olive with markings. It was sitting in an empty lot and had been there for a long time. My dad and I rebuilt the engine, had it painted and made a tube steel top support with a canvas cover. I drove that Jeep everywhere and even delivered papers on it for a couple of years, traveling 16 miles to pick up the papers and back to deliver them. I finally sold it and bought a 1966 Pontiac GTO with a 389, Muncie transmission and American Racing wheels. I miss them both but the Jeep more.
  12. Holy Sheep $%^1, better you than me. And yes I have days like this too.
  13. Couldn't agree more, I have caught more than a few trout on just a red hook below an indicator.
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