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  1. sessions For the beads my friend gave me some " diamond painting drills" that she had left over from a picture she did They are small, the smallest I could find. I had used coarse sand at one time but didn't like the aesthetics when done. I only want to tie these on a 10 or 12 because I've got those hooks
  2. Sessions, Been on my bucket list for a long time. Was first made aware of this cased caddis pattern on a Russian web site which I can no longer find. Google Copper Clad Caddis (American Site) for an SBS of that pattern. Doug
  3. Meeshka

    My new shop

    Can't you pretty much hide it by planting something like columnar cedars around the walls. But I don't know if they grow there.
  4. Your fly will catch fish. I would tie up another 1/2 dozen or so. No bass where I live but it is a "go to" pattern for trout on lots of ocasions. Great Job!
  5. This guy we left live our tags were filled, smae hunt. Although muley face, ears, and but his rack was more indicative of a whitetail. Hybred maybe? Would have taken him in an instant. And some sharptails.
  6. Just looking at photos of that hunt. Didn't know if I should post this with the living or the dead. Buddy harvested this deer next morning, same field. Pre scout and permission sure helps! He had lots of girlfriends.
  7. Just a 90 minute belly crawl stalk on pretty bald as prarie
  8. I agree with silvercreek. Used that method for years and on packet lasts an awefull long time.
  9. I don't thunk you could go wrong with in person lessons, or at least working under a mentor if available in your area. You can certainly learn off the net or from books but I think the in person aspect will help you pick up the hobby faster with fewer trial and error mistakes. Just my opinion
  10. Thanks Flytyer, Your tying skills and fly photography are second to none. Great tips and advice! Doug
  11. In the smaller weights 3,4,5 all bamboo. Then 6,8,10,13 fast action fresh and salt. I also have older slow action Hexagraphs I built several years ago in 5,6,7 but rarely use now
  12. I still have quite a collection of Persall's Gossimer 6/0 including 2 brand new spools of purple - it may be up to 30 years old. Did check the purple with a few test wraps last year when I found out what it could go for and it's still good! Sorry not for sale been asked numerous times by numerous people.
  13. Muskox Herd from a couple of years ago .
  14. Golden stone tying proceedure: 1) Put on 4 beads. Bead size can even be graduated smaller as you go to tail 2) Tye on near bend of hook, and dub a ball that will split the biot tail and prevent the beads from sliding off. Tye off 3) Push beads back and tye on near eye of hook. Tye in 2 biot antenna and bring thread back to first bead 4)Tye in back rafffia wing cover, and using bodkin tye it back over itself at start point. Now you can cut it but I prefer to tie to top of hook shank 5) using a dubbing loop tie in last segment of thorax 6) tie in second wingcase folded over 7) for the first wingcase cover just tie raffia back but do not tie over itself yet until you dub your first thorax segment 😎 dub your first thorax segment 9) tie and wrap gunea hackle 10) now fold over first wingcase and tie off. Coat whip finish with Sally's. And thats about it, and it is actually pretty repitive and not that difficult. The biggest job is trying to get the proportions aesthetically pleasing. Hope this helps Doug PS: This fly has worked well for me as a dropper or by itself on the Bow River, AB
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