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  1. Good looking little bugs Den! And I just love any caddis - simpler the better!
  2. I'm a big time bird hunter so: ducks geese pheasants grouse odd magpie I just cut off the wings, put them in ziplocks and freeze. The other feathers I just pluck and ziplock Although I don't big game hunt anymore, I have from the past WT deer mule deer black bear (3 color phases) elk moose wolf coyote antelope My buddy is now a retired taxidermist so all my animal skins are tanned My uncle also runs a trapline so I have a lot of materials from the wild
  3. You can get those hat eyes that actually clip to your existing glasses or sunglasses quite inexpensively. Just flip them up when not needed. Recommend 2.5X
  4. I've caught a 20# laker with the tail fin of a 5# partially digested whitefish sticking out of his mouth. Prior to releasing we pulled the whitefish out and man did it stink
  5. Unfortunately can't see a thing. Video too, too dark
  6. Meeshka

    What's your PB?

    I'm mor into the experience these days, but from what I remember as the most memorable and all caught on a fly Lake Trout (Grey); 45# (weighed in net) C&R, picture and fly framed in my office, Great Bear Lake, NWT LakeTrout (Red Fin): 15#, eaten for shore lunch. Great Bear Lake NWT Grayling: 4#, 23" Stuffed and on wall in study. Great Bear Lake,NWT Walleye: 8#, Stuffed and on wall in study. Won F&G walleye of the year. Lesser Slave Lake, AB Brown Trout: 26" C&R Bow River, AB with guide Barry White Rainbow Trout 25" C&R Bow River AB as above and repeated Maligne Lake AB C&R Rocky Mountain Whitefish:P 2#, Eaten, Cow Creek AB Tarpon: big, caught but not landed Sob,Sob, broke me off after about 15 minutes, Beleze Doug
  7. Other than salmon or core fish I release them back, in fact I can probably count on my fingers how many wild trout I have kept in the past 15 years. But I do like my salmon smoked either warm or cold doesn't matter
  8. I generally fish them trolling streamers much as I do for lake trout. Late May / June seems to be my favorite time to try for them. Doug
  9. Lots of different fish over the years, some of what I remember: Bonefish Barracuda Lake Trout Splake (hybred of Brook and laker) Rainbow Trout Tiger Trout Brown Trout Cutthroat Trout Brook Trout Bull Trout Mountain and Lake Whitefish Inconnu Steelhead Coho Salmon Chum Salmon Chinook Salmon Sockeye Salmon Pink Salmon Pike Walleye Yellow Perch
  10. Nice work. What's your rear handle made of. I've been trying to get a similar result out of birchbark and rare earth pigments for a flyrod grip
  11. I've got a mini lathe from Lee Valley Tools but it is more suited to turning fly rod grips and reel seats and is probably overkill for your intended use. I like Gillage suggestion
  12. Just something I don't do much - tie steelhead flys. But here goes. Sorry my photo skills still suck so some photos had to be manipulated. I'll figure it out with time. Simple Egg Babine Special Polar Shrimp Commet Red Francis General Practitioner (Orange) General Practitioner (Black) Golden Girl A Haig Brown Pattern that did not tie or photograph well for me. I'll do better next time! Steelhead Bee A Haig Brown dry that I was pleased with Hope you enjoy. With temps/wind chills approaching -48C this weekend (and hanging around till Monday) there was just nothing better to do. Hope to try some tube intruders next as I get the hang of Steelhead Flys Doug
  13. I agree with the methodology, it is well documented. I have difficulty in finding quality feathers for the wings themselves and I only looking for grizzly and white ( not afraid of dying them). Seems most capes support great quality feathers for the smaller fly
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