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  1. Mine is 2 man, 18 feet long. I have a full spraycover, rudder,sail, and parafoil. excellent boat but my brother uses it more these days
  2. Mark, It looks a lot like my Klepper ( Aries II), but no my ribs are oak
  3. Southern Alberta. I'm blessed that a friend owns a pheasant farm so these are farmed birds. The wild bird season didn't open until the 15th. Just gives us and our dogs a chance to warm up
  4. As an avid pheasant hunter I keep lots of my quarry feathers - and they do vary in quality and size. The longest most developed tail feathers I've ever seen were almost 3 feet in lenght and that specimen is mounted in my buddies basement. And thats only once in over 40 years. The reason I keep a lot available is you can pretty much find a use for even poorer quaility feathers on smaller nymphs etc. Another part of the problem might be the mail order market. Where there used to be a number of ma nad pa fly shops in my area they are now extremely limited and most of my supplies are from mail order and the descretion of the person filling the order. Just a thought.
  5. WOW! The RRFC pheasant sub looks great! I'm an avid pheasant hunter and for the past 10 years have been savung the white neck ring feathers. I've tried dying them once before with a tchhnique I found in one of my books ( possibly Radencich rings a bell) but not to that degree of success. I'll have to try again this winter. Thanks, now I know what they can look like Doug
  6. Nice fly Salarman Looks like you have JC, Red Ruffled Fruitcrow Crow and Chatterer for cheeks. Are they subs? If so what is the RRFC? Doug
  7. For realistic wings and tails google " Frost Fly ". I do some how remember reading somewhere that the wings don't cast good, but I've never tried so I shouldn't really even comment on that.
  8. Partridge K 10 - Yorkshire Fly Body. I haven't seen them for sale anywhere though. My stock has got to be 30+ yewars old Doug
  9. Meeshka

    '52 Buick

    Now I have not even remembered about that fly since I was a youngster. Very Nice!
  10. I've got lots of those hooks too Mark, they are great
  11. Another issue might be it may be illegal to remove live wild native species from home waters and keep them in aquariums. It is here because there is such a fear that it will be dumped into a water body that it dosent belong. We have that with perch being introduced into many of our stocked trout lakes.
  12. No spring moose hunts that I'm aware of, at least not in western Canada. Just bear, and snow goose.
  13. DenDuke, I like your bugs!
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