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  1. IMO it would be the Fly Tyers Benchside Reference which is undergoing a re print. There is a good recent discussion of it under the fly tying bench forum, just scroll down a bit
  2. Tie a brown spratley - gunea fowl tail, copper rib, brown chenele body, gunea fowl throat, pheasant rump feather for the wing all on a 3xl hook I like #8. I tie them with black body, and green body and I don't see why this combo would not work - especially in lakes. Doug
  3. I've got a good collection of books myself and I like them a lot. I do go to the intenet searching for new patterns (still pictures). I still can't watch a video on fly tying.
  4. Well not today but from a couple of July's ago - Great Bear Lake, NWT, Canada pretty close to midnight or shortly there after
  5. I love hunting grayling especially with the dry fly and that looks like a fbouluous river system! Looks like a great trip
  6. PS: If you google 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader there are some good u tubes on how it works
  7. I feel for you Fearn cause I too have macular degeneration but only in my left eye. Forced me to sell my business prematurily. I've got about 50 years of tying and fly fishing under my belt, but can only tie comfortably to a size 12, let alone tie anything smaller on. Because I've lost some of my binocular vision therefore deapth perception I haven't fished a river in the past 3 years. Just can't wade in anymore. But to answer your question I saw this 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader on the HopperFishing.com website. Its cheap enough and I think worth a try. Hope this helps. I also use 2.5 power loops. Doug
  8. I was supposed to be retired June 30 this year, but with this coved thing it now looks like the date will be December 1. Can hardly wait! Doug
  9. Nice bookmark! I even downloaded it for reference. Thanks Flytier!
  10. Nice fat birds. Must have a good bug supply
  11. Good looking little bugs Den! And I just love any caddis - simpler the better!
  12. I'm a big time bird hunter so: ducks geese pheasants grouse odd magpie I just cut off the wings, put them in ziplocks and freeze. The other feathers I just pluck and ziplock Although I don't big game hunt anymore, I have from the past WT deer mule deer black bear (3 color phases) elk moose wolf coyote antelope My buddy is now a retired taxidermist so all my animal skins are tanned My uncle also runs a trapline so I have a lot of materials from the wild
  13. You can get those hat eyes that actually clip to your existing glasses or sunglasses quite inexpensively. Just flip them up when not needed. Recommend 2.5X
  14. I've caught a 20# laker with the tail fin of a 5# partially digested whitefish sticking out of his mouth. Prior to releasing we pulled the whitefish out and man did it stink
  15. Unfortunately can't see a thing. Video too, too dark
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