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  1. Man that's awesome!! Loved the slow-mo in the video.
  2. I used Rio lines and the high floating Hook and Hackle lines for several years and was very satisfied with both. Two years ago I bought 5 lines online and I think the lines at the time were $4. Put them on one 5 wt rig and 4 different 3wt outfits. I am pleased with the performance of the lines. I do not fish nearly as much as I want. I am not sure how well these lines would hold up if I were fishing 175-200 days a year. They are DT floating lines and I have fished them on 7, 8, 9, and 10 ft three weight rods. The lines get fished every trip I take and serve me well.
  3. As an addition that what has already been said ......... Conranch hackle is very good IMO, and the Whiting hen hackle will work very well. I purchased a Swiss CDC clamp after watching a couple of videos on You Tube. The clamp enables you to use larger feathers to make smaller soft hackles. Some have used a potato chip bag clamp in the place of the Swiss clamp ..... I am sure there are other alternatives ..... its a handy technique for using larger feathers for smaller flies.
  4. A hen cape could also be used. Depending on the type of flies you anticipate tying in the future several other styles of flies can be tied from the hen cape.
  5. A friend of mine has several spools and really likes it because of the strength and small diameter. I believe it comes in 50m spools. It seems to work just fine for my friend.
  6. kerusso

    Broke Rod

    The rod is en route to Steve's for repair. Thank you for your input.
  7. I used to use stripped quills and from my experience they were pretty fragile. Started bleaching and dying moose mane to suit my needs and while it worked after several fish the mane would get tore up. Finally started using PowerPro microdeema line which usually comes in a four strand variety. Took the time to separate the four strands and now use that for most of my ribbing needs, especially on small midges. Then apply with tip of toothpick a small dab of superglue to further bulletproof the ribbing material. Works like a charm. While I have never used all four strands for larger flies it ought to work just fine.
  8. kerusso

    Broke Rod

    Had a great weekend fishing my favorite tailrace. Driving back to the cabin my rod broke. It is not a fancy rod but is my "go to" rod because of the feel. I have just learned earlier today the owner of the company that sells the rod has died. I called his place of business in the hopes someone else was running it and the phone number is not longer valid. The rod is a Heritage 9ft 5wt 3 pc rod. The top two sections were involved in the break which occurred where the tip section slips into the ferrule of the second section. It was a clean break and the top section is still in the ferrule. I think I could get that piece out with a little work. My question is this ….. can components from other rod manufacturers fit this particular rod? The rod is black in color. Or, it is time to use the two remaining piece for tomato stakes? Thank you Greg
  9. kerusso

    Corn Bread

    I like to make my fritters using buttermilk in my cornbread mix and add diced jalapeno and shredded cheddar cheese. Served with either Chili or fresh pulled BBQ it's hard to beat.
  10. Just to follow up …… I bought some of the Veniards dye and it worked very well. Thank you Fatman for pointing me in that direction.
  11. Many thanks for the Links Fatman. Much appreciated!
  12. I've got the hen and rooster capes. The hen is great for buggers. The rooster is great for tailing hackle and legs on nymphs. Just prior to the feather shortage several years back I bought several CDL saddles to make sure I had them to use in the years ahead. I really like them ………. a lot.
  13. Long time customer of FTD ……. really good bang for the bucks. Have not used all of his materials but have used many of them. Great guy to work with and stands behind his products.
  14. I've got a couple of snowshoe rabbit feet that I would like to dye to a light dun color. In the past I have used two different shades of RIT dye but for some reason the feet always have a bluish/purplish tint to them rather than light dun. My question is for those who have dyed snowshoe rabbit feet successfully …… what dye did you use that worked for you? Snowshoe is one of my favorite tying materials. BWO's and Sulphurs are my favorite dry flies to tie and most are tied with snowshoe. The natural foot can be used and the wings are lighter in color. Any insight will be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Glad they arrived; thanks for letting me know. Hope that will get yo through until your order arrives.
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