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  1. You make it look too easy, but for many of us... it just isn’t.... thanks for putting up goal posts!
  2. Welcome, off to fiiiiiiiiine, start, hope to see more...
  3. niveker, the hoppers are just super, great blend of natural makings. What is your preference for underbody, we would go with yellow, tan, or pale green poly dubbing with traces of red and black? Maybe, Brown hackle, sparse.. Thanks for posting.
  4. Wright you are, looking forward to seeing your ideas take shape.
  5. S-boi, friends, hit me with critique on this, I see two flaws and a Variant from Fran’s exemplar... Both photos are same fly and same camera. Which photo is preferred? Tried to set up the “lights in use” as only variable.....
  6. .89,Hobby Lobby- type craft foam sheets, get assortment of about 5 colors and see which works with your lighting conditions. Look at color backgrounds on this thread... Default is neon blue
  7. Phone safari, doing one now for Gray Fox pelt...
  8. Your photo is really awesome, lighting is just great. That is a nicely proportioned Firetail -Brown Hackle Peacock, for out here on the Frontier.... Bushier collars for big rough, waters... just right for clear, still water #<\= 14👍
  9. You are upping your game.... keep rolling them out...
  10. We have some no-low co$t, shipping options via your Fran Betters Swap, now open for enrollment,; so save me 1, just in case, will review my extra stuff... may take a while...
  11. If your camera is working.... you know ... 📸📸🎣🎣😎😎
  12. Welcome to ftf, hope you enjoy the forum
  13. Welcome to the forum, nice pictures, more always welcome
  14. How can ya tell when everyone dresses like the cast of Duck Dynasty, even the camo has more camo😂😂
  15. Taxidermy shops: scraps, leftovers, failed projects, overruns, or proprietors that shoot well and often.
  16. Lemon-Lime Snowshoe Trude #14 AP ringeye chassis + Won Unwucky Wabbit That’s all, Folks.
  17. Welcome Doctor Reid, you will not regret having fly tying and fishing for therapeutic outlets, with the stress-loaded professional actions on the horizon for you. You can count on our membership for much help in the “therapy” category.
  18. Yes, * two states over for me, pedal drive kayak, is now my “big rig” just need to keep legs in shape... Family and friends now have the deep vee Walleye boats, Bass Platforms, and Pontoon monsters, much less stressful to fork over gas and lunch money and Enjoy the cruise....
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