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  1. Got mine tagged and bagged, will send em out tomorrow.
  2. Ok, got it clear. Will see if i can find some jig hooks.
  3. So we can't use a down-eye standard hook? I have some Perdigon flies on a down-eye with basically the same effect on orientation. (hook point up)
  4. samsonboi

    Covid 19

    Cats can get it now- tiger at Bronx Zoo just tested positive and so did some housecats.
  5. I already did, about an hour ago. Thank you though. I was hoping I could find a used one before going to him but we can probably work out a deal.
  6. I need a Hexagraph tip for the 'Mixed Media' rod I just got, it's cane with a hexagonal glass tip. I want a graphite tip for it too, but I want it to be hexagonal. Anyone have an old tip section from a broken-butted rod, or know where I can find one?
  7. Avatar: The Last Toilet Paper The Last of the Toilet Paper (Mohicans)
  8. Also, I'm tying my second favorite dry fly. One of my two favorite dries is classified, the other I'll give a hint on: I did not tie it, but it was part of the emerger swap. Here's your hint: It's an emerger.
  9. Stayat Holmes stories: The Price Gouging League The Engineer's Thumb Sanitizer The Toilet Paper of the Baskervilles
  10. City Slickers Spaceballs (Mel Brooks)
  11. samsonboi


    no.... REALLY???
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