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  1. I have many square feet of and dowels as well.
  2. That is way more than I : have, want, will spend or can comprehend spending on a vise?
  3. That is awesome! I can't play that well with a real guitar?
  4. Well I checked out the Speyside and I actually stood on the banks on the Spey River. I checked out fishing there and it was way out of my pay grade! I spoke to a couple folks and they said it had been a dry year and the rivers were low so the fishing had not been very good anyway. Scotland is a great country and I am grateful to have spent time exploring the land and was treated so well by all the people I encountered.
  5. We just entered Scotland at a place called Gretna Green, what beautiful part of the world. We are heading to Edinburgh and renting a vehicle to drive around Scotland. Staying at Elgin for a couple days and we may try to find a fishing opportunity there.
  6. Are you sure you didn't put it somewhere reallllly safe? I am getting famous for such things, I ask my wife and she finds it? I told her that ovaries are homing devises and she just said I am having senior moments! Seal is readily available in Canada and I hate to tell you so is polar bear. I would not want to try to ship it to you as your Presidante would ban me from your beautiful country.
  7. Thanks Mike, only about a hundred Canadian dollars each! Might have to take up whittling?
  8. Bryon that is very nice and organized!
  9. Corney is taking his bride to the UK this late summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Is there any fishing opportunities in NW England, Ireland or Scotland that are affordable to a common guy? I can cast reasonably well and want a gillie that does have to be a professional. What do you folks know? Thanks folks for any advise.
  10. By the way that is incredible, did you build that yourself or have it custom built? I am an amateur wood worker and appreciate that!
  11. Where did you get the fish drawer knobs?
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