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  1. have a great Friday all, my silly contribution.
  2. I have been loving the photos y'all are putting up, its so cool to see life from around the world! Here is another photo, White-Breasted Nuthatch. Very cool little birds, they can stick to and move around the bottom on my feeder upside down almost if they are defying gravity, they are also fairly brave allowing me to walk around them at a distance of less then 10 feet.
  3. Baja starts November 16.....you will be ready!
  4. ya cant help but smile when the crowd starts singing along. ------------------------------------ I know this is from 5 years ago but it still puts a smile on my face, if you haven't seen it or don't know the story behind it, please look it up.
  5. I love this one, the unexpected x2, all the way, the whole tune.
  6. I could never get past rogers being such a head case, well beyond arrogant and concieted. meddle is my favorite late night camping next to a fire in secluded woods album, clare torry on the great gig in the sky has to be my fav PF tune/vocal performance. did you ever see the "reaction" video's to that song? (by people who have never heard PF before), some are pretty cool, some are BS, I seen one with an Ethiopian guy who never heard rock music in his life, they put good headphones on him and he sorta freaked out/started crying, he never knew such talent/music existed.
  7. pink? try this PF tune I love turning folks on to this that never heard it before.....yes it is Pink Floyd, the album is Meddle, love them all from gates of dawn and ummagumma to animals and division bell.
  8. I love how the suspension just eats up all bounce, the exact opposite of my old chevy with the broken shock mounts.
  9. caption...."you steal my feathers....I steal your fish!" or "I feel a draft" or "this is the last time I fly delta"
  10. a slightly better photo of Fireball (red bellied woodpecker) my backyard buddy, I couldn't open the door so the photo is through the dirty glass. I swear it, this guy barks like a dog, always in groups of three "bark bark bark...........bark bark bark" its so comical, ya cant help but laugh. f/9, 1/25, iso 100
  11. rub a dub dub maybe shouldn't mix these 2 bowls together ....or should we LOL
  12. love it, great story/photo/post. we pay our dues with a few "aw snag....ZZZZzzzippp, holy shp! SNAP, $%5$4! before we have days like that. congrats on a very nice catch.
  13. maybe we are just big kids at heart, but I think that is the coolest little truck/track/bridge ect., the little details are killer. I am tying tonight (zonkers), hope to out in the morning, winds have been high for days.
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