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  1. @SBPatt nice, I will try that one, thanks for the vid link.
  2. I am still trying to get back into this crazy/cool/relaxing addiction. Here are 2 I tied up this week.
  3. I tied a few of these today, still trying to gets used to working on little things again. Little yellow foam fly Hook...standard dry #16 Body...foam Legs... Rubber strands out of FTD Aqua Frog Dubbing Thread...Dan 140
  4. Hello Gents, Its been a long time! Great to see so many fantastic Photo's and epic tie's. The site looks good, better then I remember. I haven't been tying for a couple years (not that I was ever any good) no excuses really Here is a foam hex I did today. Body..foam Tail.. Pheasant Hook..Gamakatsu 344405 #10 and some other stuff you guys already know and can see. hope all you lads are doing alright. Peace, XterraBill
  5. that show was very good last year, if my knee mends up in time I will go. watch out for muskrat holes!!!!
  6. thnks mike and caloosa, they both had good fight, the bass sorta gave up but that red ear went crazy, ran towards me on an angle, I wanted it to run the other way because I had no slack and it would have been on the reel. the 2 pics of the red ear are the same fish, I put it in a bucket of water and took its photos up on the pier where I caught the bass with hand in mouth to show size, by far the largest I have ever seen come out of the little lake I fish often. both released as always. my fort myers beach inlaws are here today trying to talk me into heading down by them soon......oh darn. LOL
  7. Got a few today, I haven't been out almost all summer. I would like to thank Rich Mc for that wormy pink material, I caught 3 bass with that stuff today, the reel eater was the biggest one, seen one much bigger! but it wasn't interested in my offerings ....yet. caught the big gill on a little parachute. EDIT.... I STAND CORRECTED AGAIN, RED EAR SUNFISH. I don't know why, but for some reason up here in the Midwest, specifically around the Chicago area, either out of ignorance or laziness, its very common to refer to RED EAR SUNFISH as bluegills. I have known the difference for over 40 years and i still repeat the same error. My apologies for the misinformation and i hope i didn't confuse any of our members. is that better Mike? (you know i am just messing with ya man) also like to thank steeldrifter again for the rod that allows me to reach out to their playground. ) tight lines all!
  8. xterrabill

    cb radio

    yes, haven't used any in a while, had many, was legal years ago w/base station w/huge antenna, even talked skip to FL from IL. (rare occurrence where signal reflects off atmosphere to long distance) handy tool for long road trips in vehicles. still have two, and magnet mount ant. for car, I just seen the bloomin things the other day in the garage. hard to toss out stuff that still works. also great tool for hunting/fishing/camping trips with several cars
  9. I have a big roll of foam gasket material with adhesive on the back left over from a job I did. (its sorta like weather stripping) 1.5"w 20'L 1/4" thick life time supply, check hardware store's.
  10. why I hate people.... today some jerk ran into my car door as I was getting out in a mall parking lot. (I was parked) he almost took off my leg!!! If I didn't move fast.....geez I don't wanna think about it. guess what???? he had no license or proof of insurance!!! and he was saying to me give him money to fix his car!!!!! yes I called the cops! turns out he did have a DL but not on him and it was a company car. (Honda dealership car) when I told and showed the cops what happened, they just shook their heads!!! I went to the station and the other driver didn't show. there is NO damage to my car at all other than a tiny chip at the fold of the door skin bottom corner where his front bumper drove into it. 2 hours of my life lost! he was driving fast, too fast to be pulling into a parking space, it was lunch time and he was in a hurry to pick up taco's from the restaurant I was parked in front of. and it almost cost me my foot or a leg! I only had my door open 25%, I was over to the other side of the parking spot, I was careful and it paid off, the spots are wide, there were no other cars to his left. 100% a complete scamming, don't know English BS till the cops show up! give him $$??? LOLOL he works at that honda dealer...or maybe not anymore. I called my insurance, took pics, sent emails to claims with pics, and I heard him call his boss. be safe gents!
  11. 2 sth's and an allen here, like the sth's a lot. allen is ok. (had it pinch the line once) reel in fish? yes, laker, coho, steels, kings, a few big bass and a pike or 2. (no musky yet) when you feel that big tail start up and you think the rod is gonna break, it might be time. nothing like the feel of the rod bending inside the cork!
  12. my grandfather taught me the nose grease trick 45+ years ago, nothing ever corroded, but I never seen the behind the knee trick, thanks gents. always keeping an eye on you old fellers
  13. never trust your buddy to put the plug in. the lake was 7 miles long and 2 miles wide, started heading for the other side, Me..."hey ricky, my feet are getting wet" Ricky..."holy sheep, we are sinking!" yup we are in the middle of the lake and the plug fell out! 5 hp 14 ft boat and nothing to put in the plug hole! now just picture me with my big tukkus up in the air, using my thumb to plug the hole, the handle/throttle sticking out from between my legs (facing backwards) with my other hand on it, me looking upside down, looking out between my legs to see where we are going while driving back to shore! ever since then I keep a wine cork and a spare plug in my box. I know its not really a joke, but I bet you laughed.
  14. I just picture 4 of us "old guys" on a boat at the same time...LOLOLOL god help us!
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