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  1. Some places have hook limits. Figuring that might violate some waters. It is sure interesting.
  2. Good to know. I have one that smells like a worm farm.
  3. Every time I drive by Sommerset on the turnpike I think of the show. I was coming back from Michigan last weekend and had no idea the show was last weekend. Maybe next year...
  4. I've used gray metal paint finish. It looks pretty close to a metal pipe when finished.
  5. Yup. Especially if you have non-resident tags.
  6. Time in the stand usually helps. Inhale, exhale, inhale, let half the breath out, squeeze the trigger. Dont anticipate the shot. Range time helps with that part.
  7. Virginia Shanandoah streams... 1. Black Betty 2. Cooper John 3. Prince nymph 4. Elk hair CDC 5. GRBHHE 6. BHPT 7. Olive crystal bugger 8. Lime trude 9. Zebra midge 10. SAN Juan 11. Clown egg 12. Yellow/orange stimulator
  8. Last year this was a trout swap, and then at some point someone did a articulated predator swap.
  9. Cabelas just opened a store 10 miles from a bass pro in Richmond. I'm curious to see how that's going to work out.
  10. There's very few items outside of the cheapest of rods and reels that cabelas and bass pro can compete on. Lines fall into the affordable category. Their waders and boots are crap, accessories are mediocre. In my travels l have found "local stores" I can call and order from, have free shipping and are glad to let me know when they'll have clearance sales. If there's a show I am going to they will bring my order there. Works out well. Big box tying materials are way, way expensive, almost comical.
  11. I wasn't certain about the pie thing, but it was delicious.
  12. These are damn good beans. Not sure if I am keen on the pineapple though, that texture was hard to get past for me. I just got back from a hunting trip and the camp cook made beans over a slice of apple pie. It was pretty amazing. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/50945/dutchs-wicked-baked-beans
  13. Chuck roast: Salt Pepper Onion Garlic Chipotle (or cayenne) Place a aluminum pan with onions and Greek peppers underneath. 225F until a IT of 200...if it goes past 206 you just made a pot roast. 200 is perfect. 195 is too tough IMO. At the stall, place the roast in the pan and cover. You'll hit 195-200 quickly at this point so pay attention. I can't get a decent tri tip here so this is a good substitute for Santa Maria BBQ.
  14. Oh, headed to Michigan for a week in October, hoping to get into some apex fish.
  15. When I was a kid we'd see that on Lake Michigan. Friend of mine would smelt the hooks. Couple of oz's of lead per each one. I was up on Lake Superior last month and it would appear it's still a method used.
  16. Combat fishing is common in downtown Anchorage. Maybe other dense areas. I didn't see any of that in the interior. And I'm pretty sure snagging would get you a fine. Seems to me I was listening to a drunk guy tell me the guy next to him in the combat lineup turned him into the DNR.
  17. You could tie a devil bug large. Wooly worm comes to mind as well with a bunch of hackle up front to push water or sin some deer hair. Chernobyl Ant too?
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