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  1. I don't think it matters much to me either, but, I can tell you that you'll probably appreciate the single foots better when your fishing in really cold weather. Then, you normally don't have to worry about ice in the guides. Just have to worry about the reel freezing up. Its some fun when you hook a good sized fish and have to dip the reel under water to keep the fish from breaking off.
  2. I once caught a water snake on a dry fly. And one time I was false casting and had a dragonfly take my fly in the air. But the blooper was driving from Orange County California to the Klamath River (about 700 miles) and found my reel case empty. I forgot to load it again after I cleaned them. Had to buy a reel to go fishing.
  3. I think Orvis started the impregnation process back in the late 1950's. I have an old 8 1/2 footer that has never bent or warped. You haven't had any fun till you try to straighten a bamboo rod with an alcohol lamp.
  4. Don't tell anyone where you were fishing cause if you do, the next time you go, you won't be able to find a place to park OR fish!
  5. RoyalRenegade

    antique rod

    If nothing comes out of the refurbishing project, I hear those old bamboos make pretty good tomato stakes
  6. That's why we're here talking about all this neat stuff!
  7. Worms! But ya got to keep them warm!
  8. Looks like a cross between a trout and one of those multi-colored Japanese Koi, sorta kinda. Maybe not!
  9. I think fiberglass is sometimes better than graphite. I was fishing on the Yellowstone River in the park one time using an 8 1/2 6wt sage graphite rod. I went to the car and got my Fenwick 6 foot fiberglass 5wt and was landing fish quicker than with the graphite rod. Struth!
  10. I still like the Matuka in various dark colors. I first fished one on the Yellowstone River in the park, just above buffalo ford, and my first fish was a 26" cutthroat. Most guys say they wouldn't bother to fish for cuts, but as for a fish that big, whats not to like!
  11. First time I tied in a demo was at the Fred Hall outdoor show in Long Beach, CA. I was tying mosquitoes as I recall, and some wise guy asks me. After you get all that stuff on the hook, how you get the worm on it?
  12. Careful there guys about what you'll eat or not. There is a saltwater pattern called a Palmetto Bug, which is an imitation of a REALLY big roach
  13. I'd like to update that "old Saying" I got this from a golf pro. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you just practice, and not perfectly, soon you'll be adept at doing something wrong.
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