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  1. I have a universal tube fly adapter from I think j stockard. I use straws from aerosol spray cans as tubes. I use fuel line for small engines or aquarium tubing for junction tubes. I don't tie a lot of them but they seem to work well.
  2. Just picked up a new to me roll top desk for $40 on Craigslist. Don't have it loaded and set up yet, but very excited.upload gif
  3. Working for me. Looks good. Tail and hackle maybe a bit long/big. But I'd certainly fish it.
  4. http://www.flyfishfood.com/2014/09/hackle-comparisons.html?m=1
  5. Wrong link? This is talking about the Lancaster show.
  6. Yeah the tangles were my concern. The two tippets twisting together a bit I imagine would be less if an issue with two nymphs.
  7. see the post just above yours, he describes tying the tippet on with a long tag end, this leaves the tippet end and the tag end as places to tie fly. The same can be done with about any knot, by leaving a 8-12" tag when making the knot. Just don't snip the tag. That post was referring to two sub surface flies. I was just curious if there was a specific way to do a dry dropper.
  8. How do you tie a dry dropper rig onto an tippet ring?
  9. Thanks. I ended up getting the supreme hair to tie them. And I think that's more of a bluegill then a pinfish, but close enough to either, right? I'm thinking that thing is just gonna foul like crazy.
  10. sz 6 and 8 glow bug hooks and a short shank. Just a hackle tail and dubbing.
  11. fishinguy

    Global warming?

    You see Les, stop polluting is really the only thing I'm hearing from the scientists freaking out about climate change. Wether they're right about everything or not, I can agree with that. On the other hand, we're getting another 4 inches of snow tomorrow in SW PA. Bring on the global warming!
  12. Yep. There big curved part on the right cuts the wire right at the eye. I tried just grinding down the cutting edge first, but that ended up giving you a bent 90 degree stub after your eye. Cut it off completely and it works like a champ. Got mine on Amazon. About $20. The 2.25 mm loop is maybe a little on the large size. About the same as I was getting with my 2 nails in a board. Wanted to make sure they would swing nice and free, and they will.
  13. Got my looping tool. I went with a 2.25mm loop. Modified it same as yours. Just made my first batch of shanks. So much easier.
  14. my versions of a zug bug, pheasant tail soft hackles with starling hackle, CDC Caddis, and a cased Caddis thing with like 10 pheasant aftershaft feathers for the body I'm still trying to get to a place I like.
  15. Two clumps of Congo hair and two clumps of dubbing? Looks great. Quick and easy too.
  16. Well? What's the name of the tool, and how exactly did you modify it? Looks professional.
  17. Neat fly. A bit too complicated for me to throw into a tree though.
  18. Same here. I have the ceramic inserts, not the glass model.
  19. planning on tying on the tail? Split ring is not the typical method, but I suppose it should work fine. Just watch the cut end of the wire. Cuts thread like a razor.
  20. planning on tying on the tail? Split ring is not the typical method, but I suppose it should work fine. Just watch the cut end of the wire. Cuts thread like a razor.
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