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  1. The swap seems like a good idea. I don't disagree with flytire's or your points, I just think the cutters are fun to work with. I don't tie flies to save money, I tie for my own enjoyment and because I feel a need to only use flies I tie. I often tie a great many flies just to learn a pattern and in time, after the volume that I tie, I think these cutters will not seem so expensive. They were pricey, but I gotta say, they are well made. Shortly after I opened the package, I had cut enough pieces for a several dozen flies in many colors. I also don't think that they would do a better job catching fish than any other foam hopper, I just thought they were cool. I also had to report on the superb customer service that I got from RRC. Seriously nice people- they really went out of the way to help me with a mistake I had made.
  2. I just got my RRC set in the mail and cranked out a dozen hoppers in no time. It is super fun and the cutters are very well made. Also, I have to shout out to the people at River Road Creations as they went out of their way to help me get what I needed and fast. Very friendly- I will be doing business with them again.
  3. Extended body and wally wings? Dope
  4. Thanks xterrabill, Tonight it is spruce moths and manhattans!
  5. More of a mood photo of how my bench looks tonight.
  6. Kimo, I really enjoy not only your great flies, but your photo skills as well. Every time you put one up I pause and look closely at it. Pretty cool.
  7. I use this book quite a bit and find that the information is really clear and encyclopedic. Almost to a fault, there is so much in there that I sometimes can't decide what to do!
  8. I would not call that crappy!
  9. I agree, those are nice deer hair poppers, Mark.
  10. I am enjoying seeing everyone's work. Here is a Burnt Wood Wulff. A variation on the Royal, it is commonly used on the Bois Brule River and is a great brook trout pattern.
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