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  1. :crying: :crying: Bringing tears to my eyes.... Feel the need to sing "My Ole KY Home"....
  2. Well, rats, I screwed up my vote... Depends on the hook style and fly but Mustad Tiemco Owner, forgot to vote 'other'. These are not the cheapest, but work well with those salty critters.
  3. Me too! To the trees, bushes, rocks........ :bugeyes:
  4. Nice. Thanks for posting.
  5. I have more time for Gills....but would love to chase stripers more often
  6. I am an urban planner that recently moved into firmwide business developoment and markerting :wallbash: Good timing eh? We do everything from highway design to airports to water/wastewater faclities to retail and residential land development. Like everyone else that ties for them themselves, I tie to save money :bs: Shhhhhh don't tell the wife....
  7. Exactley...one of the curses of living in FL....always working on flies
  8. I can't wait until winter is over and you guys have something--LIKE FISH- to do.......With that said, I think I will go fishing.... :cheers:
  9. Welcome to the site. Lots of pleasent (cough) and knowledgable folks here! Enjoy
  10. haha... naw I've had most of that stuff in storage (except for the vise... i lost my old regal knock off). Not pictured are two tubs of hair and features Hmm....Maybe I will try that too....'Honey, I found this in storage......"
  11. I also use strung neck hackle for my Seaducers.
  12. Started on a Thompson A, moved to a Dyna-King Kingfisher. Very happy with the DK in all aspects. If my skills and habits outgrow the Kingfisher (doubtful), DK will still be my brand of choice.
  13. I am also of the non-rotary(true) type, using a Dyna-King Kingfisher, which can be rotated for viewing. I wanted a simple solid vise. If I where tying alot more, than a Law would find it's way here or a DK cuda.....
  14. Congratulations Steve.
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