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  1. OATKA OMG i cant believe you got yours already. Last time we PMed you hadnt even ordered yet. Damn mailman must have stolen mine. Now i am coming to your house and steal yours!! I gotta check my email when i get home and see when i got my "order has been sent" message. Fair warning- you better put that in the safe overnight because i am coming after it.. most likely I typoed my address. that would be something I would do.
  2. good luck on getting the new job. sounds like a great opportunity to jump from the sinking ship. gotta be nerve racking working for a company that is imploding buildings every other week. there is a blue cross training facility next to where I work, and they sure do know how to take care of their own.
  3. only one fish face this past weekend. well at least the deck is in focus
  4. wow i really like that flexo minnow, and rudolph the red nosed mouse too. :-)
  5. the silver foil on the cardboard underside of my head cement cap is pretty much gone, so i always lay a piece of aluminum foil across the top of the bottle and make sure the threads are covered. it acts as a non-stick barrier. it usually last for a few uses and once it tears i just grab a fresh piece of foil. hope that helps in the future.
  6. it also affords me a creative outlet. ron p. you write and illustrate as well as tie so you know what I mean. I have had other outlets in the past that aforded me that opportunity always as hobbies. now I can be creative and have a usefull end product as well. I suppose the idea of tying my own being cheaper entered my mind, but in the long run tying looked like it might be a fun thing to do. and now 6 months into it I can say thtat I do enjoy it.
  7. I got into it because I didn't like the idea of paying for fllies and then have them not meet my expectations. Now at least I have no one to blame but myself, and I can deal with that much easier.
  8. 2/0 happy belated b-day mcfluff
  9. so true. I have been only tying for six months now and am in the midst of my first season fishing with flies I have tied. I am a warmwater fisher and have caught all the major species of my home waters on the same fly. lately I have been asking myself if I really need to have 30 different patterns. I know I will continue to tie many different patterns, because I enjoy it. I just won't fish them all
  10. ditto redwings1 that is exactly how i am doing it. and as i continue to add patterns i have fewer 'mandatory' materials i have to buy........which leaves room to buy materials 'i dont need' :yahoo:
  11. wow. this morning here around 2:30am the moon was an absolute deep blood red color. not sure what the atmospheric conditions have to be to cause this bit it was pretty cool. no pic. was on the road coming home from work and didnt have camera. :-(
  12. those are some very nice flies
  13. sweet when can i move in?
  14. silly me, i thought it was the Pillsbury Doughboy eating marshmallows.
  15. Mike George does amazing work. a link for those that may want to see some more of his stuff. http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/corner.asp?page=6
  16. i have been doing well with this one...Dahlberg Flashdancer tied in colors to mimic sunfish colors
  17. have them watch videos by Al Beatty that are in The Begginers Corner and let them tie up some of those.
  18. checking to see if I can upload pic right from phone
  19. I am pretty sure it was within the last year, a college student died in a hazing incident in which he/she was forced to drink massive quantities of water. the case was prosecuted.
  20. Chemprof that's exactly wht I was taking those classes. did ten years as a golf course superintendent. cool story.
  22. nice one..now go out and catch A Fish Called Wanda
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