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  1. Cool that you're collecting some specimens! Pictures are great too but I am also a fan of collecting specimens as a biologist. There are certain details that you just don't get with pictures. As for ID, the only one I'm very confident about is the last two pictures of the black insect. From what I can see, that appears to be a water strider. Very common in rivers, lakes, etc. As the name implies, they are aquatic. Not sure if they are a regular part of a fishes' diet or not.
  2. I've got a Whiting Cree cape. Think I got a good deal on it at a fly show however many years ago, maybe $40 or $50?? Didn't know the things were so rare! I knew they were less common but jeez. I usually use it for tying Adams'. Gets you that nice grizzly brown mix look with one feather. Might use it a little less now if it's so hard to get more! They definitely are pretty feathers.
  3. I remember participating in this contest. It was a good time indeed. I'm pretty sure Will kept all the flies as a group too which made for a neat collection. They may have also been raffled or something as a fund raiser for the site, can't remember for sure. I assume the reason it isn't run anymore is some sort of life change for Will that caused a lack of time to manage these things. He used to be pretty active around the site, ran this contest, had shirts and hats made, created Hatches Magazine which was a great fly tying magazine. Kinda just slowed down here, not sure if there ever was any sort of big explanation why. I imagine it takes a good amount of time and money to keep things running smoothly around here, but I really have no idea.
  4. Thanks guys! Yes, I may have to post in the other thread too. I agree, it may not be a bad idea to re-combine them again. It seems activity on both sites has gone down so combining forces might bring more attention to everything. I've completed number 4 in the series, so I'll put that one up soon. I'm going to re-tie number 2. Then I think there are just two more. The last one has some funky materials I'll have to track down, but the rest use pretty standard stuff.
  5. Very interesting! I did not know he was credited with all of those accomplishments either. Sounds like he was quite an innovator in his time. I've been enjoying learning more of the history behind the flies and people who created them or brought them to people's attention. There's a lot of good literature out there!
  6. flykid

    Song of the day

    https://youtu.be/j58V2vC Can't get this goofy one out of my head. An Australian garage punk band. Learned from Google that "smoko" is essentially a smoke break but can also refer to a tea break or other informal break. Catchy as hell to me...
  7. Here is the first of the series from William Blacker for the River Bann in Ireland. These are tied on a 3/0 Mustad Limerick with the eye chopped off and replaced with silk gut for historical and aesthetic purposes. This could certainly be fished. I may tie some of these on a simple eyed hook for fishing, they look like they'd be killer.
  8. Hello all, Since the Classicflytying.com site is still down and I haven't heard anything back on its status, I've decided to go rogue and share this one here. I hope everyone is okay with that. I may or may not fish this fly, but it certainly could be fished and I'm sure it would be successful. This is part of a series of William Blacker flies for the river Bann in Ireland. I'm working my way through the series right now. I'll post the whole set when complete. Sorry for the garbage cell phone picture, but it's what I've got right now so hopefully you all get the idea.
  9. Who's the maker of the forms you went with?
  10. Gotta agree with the others that it's probably user error. I have a Renzetti Traveler cam vise. I've had it for probably 15 years and I've abused the heck out of it. It's got a screw to adjust the jaws prior to tightening with the lever and I've put that thing through it's paces too and never stripped it. I'd be surprised if the problem you describe would regularly happen with any decent-quality manufacturer. Maybe try backing off on your tightness like others suggest. I test the hold by just pressing down enough on the eye of the hook to flex the shank. If it flexes without slipping it's plenty tight, no need to go any tighter than that. I'm talking just a hair above the hook slipping. That habit for me comes from tying on Japanned salmon hooks and not wanting to mess up the finish. Hope you can remedy the situation! Vises ain't cheap.
  11. Always liked their products. Can't beat the price and the quality is great for the things I've bought. I think their skeeter fuzz dubbing is my favorite dry fly dubbing. It's way too easy to use.
  12. I had a light blue T-shirt that I loved. Got it back when I was in High School though and have since outgrown it and no longer have it. A bit of a shame!
  13. Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the tip. I remember Will from back in the day, but wasn't sure he was still the owner. I will send him a message and see what he can do. Hope you're doing well and thanks!
  14. Hello, I am a long time member of the Flytyingforum suite of sites. It's been a looooong time since I've participated on any of the sites but especially long since I've been on the original flytyingforum. It seems that several of the sites have developed some issues. I was heavily involved in classicflytying.com especially in its heyday. It took a huge downturn since then. However, recently there was a big renaissance with a lot of the long-time members participating again, including myself and even Bud Guidry who was really instrumental in the forum's success. Unfortunately, about a week ago when I tried going to the site, I got a driver error. I've tried it every day since, and I get the same message. From what I've heard, whoever was able to actually manage the site, has been unable to for quite some time, so things have gone unnoticed or unfixed. I'm hopeful that someone here is able to look into the issue or knows who to contact to potentially remedy the situation. There are other classic fly tying forums, but none of them mean much to me the same way classicflytying.com does/did. Do any of the moderators here have any insight on this issue? I appreciate any attention able to be given to this. Thanks! Alex
  15. It really depends on what you are looking for. There are many many many sources. They all will have something different. Sometimes you have to search to find exactly what you're looking for. I do agree J Stockard has great prices and a huge selection as does flytyersdungeon.
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