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  1. Nice 3D job and painting! The wizard looks like a guy I used to fish with.😉
  2. I'm in agreement with Poopdeck. I don't keep much in tying materials, hooks, etc., as I don't tie but a few flies that I find useful in my area. I can take an inventory in a matter of minutes with a pen and paper.
  3. Welcome!!! App sounds good but I just look in the rod rack or cabinet with my fly boxes and tying materials.
  4. You will get lots of exercise by walking.
  5. I agree. I have one that is about 60 years old. My bamboo rod was bought the same time for $10 at the Big K store in Forest Park, GA. Our own Chris Carlin helped me with the rebuild.
  6. Great afternoon. No leaks in the waders? Do you have the GPS coordinates for the stream? j/k 😁
  7. I do that on my local tailwater, the Hiwassee River in East Tennessee. I cast and stop the rod at 12 o'clock and lower the rod to allow the fly to move same as the current. I then stop the fly, let it sink for a few seconds and retrieve a couple of feet. I get hits both ways. One can fish downstream and I have used his short roll cast. But one has to be careful. Green waders which is the most common, camo shirt, camo hat are a must in that instance.
  8. Even a non-poisonous bite can get infected.
  9. As for the silhouette, approach from downstream to stay out of their sight window. I rarely fish downstream in small streams due to being close to the lairs of the fish.
  10. Excellent rod and a great gift to a special person. Good to cultivate relationships like that as they are now few and far between. As they are close to great fishing...do they know I'm up for adoption?🤔
  11. skeet3t

    Rainbow Trout?

    Will get the skinny from a fisheries biologist and get back with you. I'll be seeing him next week. I can even get photos of what they have at the hatchery.
  12. skeet3t

    Rainbow Trout?

    I contacted the TWRA about this fish. It is an albino trout. Such fish are stocked in few numbers.
  13. This has been in interesting thread and posts! Several years ago, one of the freebie fishing magazines had a review of several brands of waders. I don't recall the brands and specific models but it was a "no holds barred" review. Two or three brands had such bad reviews, they went out of business. You would think they would work to improve their waders. I'm looking at Chota South Fork waders for a trip to the Toccoa River in two weeks. A bit pricey at $274 but the quality was good plus heavy duty reinforcement for any time breaking brush if needed. I know the shop owners and feel I can get good service if needed.
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