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  1. Capstick's book, Death in the Long Grass, tells of a tug-of-war between a croc and a rhino. The croc clamped down on the rhino's nose. It was noted that the rhino was slowly eased toward the water until his nose was under water. Drowned the rhino and lots of meals for the croc.
  2. Almost as good as wearing garlic around your neck.
  3. Hmmm. Anyone follow Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes? People talk about ethnic jokes. Many of the comedians we have seen were Jewish and got their start in the resorts in the Catskills. They told Jewish jokes! The audience rolled with laughter. Public TV had a documentary about Jewish humor, centering around those resorts. I recall seeing a sign in one of the towns that advertised a kosher Chinese restaurant. Remember Dirty Dancing? The best thing is to laugh at ourselves.
  4. The tinfoil hat will draw some stares from others on the stream. However, they will probably avoid you.
  5. skeet3t


    I've lived in both the North and the Deep South. Both have advantages and disadvantages: climate, opportunities and people. My father always said if he found the perfect place, everyone would want to move there.
  6. Gators and crocs can outrun a Kentucky thoroughbred over a short distance. Peter Hathaway Capstick states this in his books, Maneater and Death in the Long Grass.
  7. Not sure where he will be. I'm under the impression that this is a private resort. Will check. I'll be talking with him this week to get him set up with necessary flies. He should be OK. Off topic a bit but gators have been seen around the Alabama/Tennessee state line areas plus West Tennessee.
  8. Hmmm. I have a book on Bigfoot where Bigfoot interfered with the thoughts and strange behavior of a person; Bigfoot by B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry. Compelling for the existence of Bigfoot.
  9. Interesting how different foods are prepared in regional ways. Some places certain foods are absent. Same with Southern style sweet tea. I'm from Ohio and sugar is added to cold tea. The result is a sludge in the bottom of the glass. One keeps stirring to keep the sugar suspended in the tea. In the South, the sugar is added to hot tea and dissolved. I was in Washington state and asked for sweet tea. Got a blank look from the lady. I explained what I was wanting. Speaking of food, I lived in Louisiana for 6 years and had occasion to help dispose of several pounds of crawfish. A crawfish boil is crawfish (obviously), corn on the cob and small potatoes. Boiled together and dumped on a tablecloth.
  10. One does not know they are an alcoholic until they take the first drink. Then...it's too late. I have dealt with or know of others who have dealt with alcoholics. It's a sad situation.
  11. I just won't tell his mother. She gets uptight when he pitches baseball.
  12. You lose water by dehydration. Hard to sweat and not lose the electrolytes. Have taken salt tablets working in an un-A/C factory.
  13. My doctor was going to prescribe a pill that was a diuretuc but couldn't as it would have adverse effects on another medicine. No alcohol, just a pill. Edit- the part about diet drinks was in an article about playing golf in hot weather. The doctor who wrote the article pointed out that alcoholic beverages and diet drinks were not to be consumed in hot weather. One can be dehydrated by merely drinking plain water and losing electrolytes. AMHIK. We now keep sport drinks on hand during hot weather.
  14. There is a liquid polishing compound that is good to add to the walnut shells. Check primer pockets for pieces of shell. I also got a setup that has slots in a drum. Put the empties and walnuut pieces in, turn it to separate the two.
  15. I have an old editon of the Speer reloading book that is about 40 years old. Now I look up the loads online, pick out what matches my components and write it down in a notebook.
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