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  1. Closest farm. A guy fished our local tailwater with a hook and a few white calf hairs he got from fences. Caught lots of fish.
  2. Boulder boat is all plastic and nearly indestructible. https://www.boulderboatworks.com/
  3. 1. Our local post office has a machine in the outer lobby where you pay with a credit card and print the stamps. Check with the grocery stores' customer service counter and pharmacies. Our CVS pharmacy has stamps. We are usually there once a week to pick up medications. Plus, it is on the way to just about a jillion restaurants and shopping areas. Haven't been on the post office in ages.
  4. Darrell, thanks for the reply. As long it is something simple.
  5. Been scanning the photos. Keep me in mind for next year. Do they all have to be the same or a mix of patterns?
  6. Mine were 7/24/365 in the olden days. 366 in Leap Year.😈
  7. What a contrast! You have lost enough to make another person to help with rod building or build RC trucks. I lost about 20 lbs. last summer...diverticulitis, liquid diet at the hospital for 6 days and surgery. Steve, I'll take your method any day. My complements to you!👍👍
  8. Story- An airline pilot was flying over a large lake. He declared to the copilot, "When I was a kid, I wished I was up in an airplane. Now I wish I was fishing, instead of up in an airplane."
  9. Ever notice how big eyes are on bass lures? It is said that this is to attract fish and to zero on the head to swallow the "fish" headfirst.
  10. "My, what big eyes you have!" "The better for fish to find me." Those are nice flies. I'm thinking they would be good for FFing for carp.
  11. Tennessee has a map of wild trout streams. So much water, so little time. FWIW, the Great Smoky Mountains NP holds wild trout in all it's streams. The park hasn't been stocked since the mid 70s.
  12. FbN's post is why pro bass anglers carry an assortment of lures. I watched a few minutes of a bass tournament. One guy had six rods on the front deck. As a former bass angler, I'm sure that each one had a different lure to toss. I wouldn't be surprised if he threw all six in a specific area to dredge up a bass.
  13. Cool or cold weather- hunting. Warm or hot weather- fishing. Many people like work. I did have a couple of jobs that were good but, overall, but when I retired due to health reasons, I never looked back. I do have some interests besides hunting and fishing- wood turning, reading history either fiction or real, reading whatever interests me while at the library, photography and writing, and have nine grandkids, one of whom plays AAA baseball. Edit- Forgot the wife of almost 49 years. Gonna catch it now!
  14. I'm glad I retired in 2009.
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