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  1. Almost LSU colors. Steve, your usual outstanding work. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice. Could be a good fly for carp, too.
  3. Captain Bob, those are nice flies. Bonefish?
  4. Good. Some of our best memories are fishing with the kids. Now it's the grandkids.
  5. mikechell, I think I have heard of Steve. Does a good job.👍
  6. An outstanding day! I like your grown-up hangout. The last photo shows one like my wife caught in a farm creek...9 inches and the pool wasn't any bigger than a bathtub. Thanks for sharing the story and great photos! Would there be a possibility of inviting your son and his friends to share in a day like yours?
  7. Japanese bamboo rod that I got in about 1966 at Big K in Forest Park, GA. Paid all of $10 for it. Reworked it about 10 years ago with help from a bamboo builder. Originally it took a D weight which is equal to about a 7 weight. Caught lots of fish with it. Second is a South Bend fiberglass rod, 8 ft., 7 wt. bought about 1959. Can't remember the price. Both take the Pflueger Medalist reel.
  8. FWIW, I fished with poppers for years by using plain ol' 8-10 lb. mono line. Didn't discover tapered leaders until about 30 years later. Tried tying leaders but gave up...knots collected crud and weeds. I do buy tapered leaders now. Good luck. You realize you have now committed to showing us some phish photos.
  9. Yes, small streams can be interesting due to changes with rain and increased flow. My tailwater trout place has changed over the years. Twenty years ago, I could wade down a long stretch and never get above mid-thigh. Two places made me get out and bypass two deep pools. Now, I'm reluctant to even consider wading it. FWIW, fished a small creek in central KY. Wife caught a nine inch orange-breasted sunfish out of a pool not much bigger than a bathtub! Gotta love those places!
  10. skeet3t

    Insect ID

    Or your agriculture extension office. Looks like a deer fly.
  11. Sheer genius! You can do the same by running a Sharpie across the mono on your reel to give it a "broken" camo look.
  12. Love to fish with light fly tackle. About 22 years ago, I built a 6 ft. 2 wt. for fishing the Great Smoky Mountains NP. It gets a regular workout in several small streams in East Tennessee.
  13. Almost a guarantee to catch something. The ones in the first photos look like what some call warmouth bass. No matter what, they are loads of fun to catch. I was looking at the pool in front of the young man. I would start fishing from downstream and cover the entire pool from one end to another. Looks fishy to me.
  14. I second mikechell's motion!
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