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  1. Hmmm. Ever consider fishing for bluegill? Even they can stick you. If the hook is stainless steel, it might create a problem. Regular hooks will rust out is a short time, even in freshwater.
  2. chugbug mentions a good site but it's a DIY as I have noted. They will do the same thing.
  3. You have enough stuff to open a store. I don't have near that much but only tie 6-8 flies for local waters. My complement on the flies. Let us know how they turn out.
  4. Make a jig with a board and nails to bend the rod. Nails at the proper places will help straighten it. Basically you are bending it at the opposite the curve. Put it in the jig and watch it. Did this with my old 'boo rod. Do not heat it in any way!
  5. With all due respect, buy a safe. I didn't and in 1971, someone stole 12 guns, three were my grandfather's. Gone! Over 4K guns are stolen each day.
  6. That is what I would call plain elegance. Dude, you have been busy!
  7. My photos are downloaded to File Explorer. I can go to general photos or a specific file, click in the photo, open and then attach to an email or post. I used to use a card reader but discovered, after many years, that I can use a slot for the card and directly download to the laptop.
  8. As usual, nice. Colors are subtle with a more conservaitve approach by the customer.
  9. I was shown to pull the breast feathers of a dove and tear out the breast. Not enough meat in the rest to bother. Yes, skinninng can be a challenge. BTW, put in a roasting pan, cover with thin sliced onions. Bake and enjoy.
  10. Hmmm. There's an old guy down the road building a big boat, surrounded by all kinds of animals.
  11. I've known some girls like that, too. Keep tying and things will improve. Thing over 25 years, I've found that fish aren't as picky as we think.
  12. Coin, the internet is a gold mine of information. My cell phone can pull up the state regulations for hunting and fishing if I have a doubt or question. I'm also a writer and photographer. The internet keeps me from going to the public library or the three college libraries for information. I have also scored some books that are valuable resources for me. Just finished plowing through 709 pages of American Caesar by William Manchester; detailed biography of Douglas MacArthur. Extensive bibliography. I highly recommend it.
  13. Does your new camera have a macro setting? You might consider diopters. You can get a set of four on Amazon or eBay- +1, +2, +4, +10. I have two cameras, Canon T7 and a Canon SX530 HS. Both have diopters for magnification. Actually the 530 takes better macro photos with a +10 diopter than the T7 with the 18-55mm macro lens and stacked diopters.
  14. Spiders have 8 legs, insects have 6. I doubt if fish count the legs. BTW, I don't tie with any kind of wing, either. My father always said the only dumb question is the one not asked. We learn by asking. If I have a question, I ask my wife.😁
  15. Used to live in the Alexandria/Pineville area. Recall 16 inches of rain in 24 hours. School bus never showed up so I took the kids to school. Principal came out with knee boots as the school flooded. So, back home!
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