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  1. ggmiller

    Oliver Edwards

    He will be missed. He had a great dvd about weaving for flies, very nice.
  2. ggmiller

    12 years

    Congrats, Steve and the rest of you! I finally quit on October 18, 2022. The words from the Dr.: "You have cancer" were what made me quit cold turkey. Many a day I still long for a smoke, but I just ignore it the best I can. As for my cancer, they found it very early while monitoring some cysts on my pancrease. Surgery 2 weeks later and now just had my 9th session of Chemo of 12. Outlook looks very good. I have tried quitting several times through the years, but never made it. This time is for good!
  3. Nice pic, big bear! thanks for sharing with us!!
  4. ggmiller


    I, too was hoping it was not the end of this forum! Thanks for all of your work in getting the site back up and running, Will!!! Appreciate it greatly.
  5. Sorry for you loss Norm!
  6. ggmiller


    So sorry for your loss!
  7. Good for you! Always great to get away and unwind. Enjoy yourself!
  8. Nice ties!! Great job, really like the 2nd one - the red and white one
  9. I also found that having a pillow in front of my head at night while I sleep and I can 'stand' my arm up leaning against the pillow helps with the pain.
  10. Bill "mousing at the PC" You might want to try a Vertical Mouse, it can help a lot. Kinda like holding joystick, rather than having the palm of your hand down over the mouse. Really helps me a lot. I've had 3 carpel tunnel surgries - 2 on right, 1 left and the vertical mouse helps. Take care, George
  11. Welcome from Missoula, MT! Great site to learn from, lots of very talented tiers.
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