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  1. I also use an Orvis vest as shown and have a Solitude Fly Company vest that almost looks identical to the Orvis but it is a darker color.
  2. When I go to search an item and try to go to the next page -nothing happens. Next does not work. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Years ago I went to the Fly Fishing show in N.J. I had a great time, ran into some people that I met in my travels including an outdoor store in NJ where I had worked. I went to the casting pond but it was very busy so continued walking. I spent $$ before I even got into the show with a ticket and fly tier subscriptions. Overall I had a great time and am planning on attending next year.
  4. Sorry for the loss of Mary.
  5. I have used something similar to them-usually not the best quality but works in a pinch. When I first started fly fishing and went to shops, a guy told me one time-don't just buy 1 fly get 2 in case you lose the 1st fly. I used to fish a stream where I live and there was this one guy who always asked me for a fly-he didn't have anymore. I thought this was odd, and said flies are not cheap so no. My friend also encountered same guy. Guy was using the packaged flies as shown above.
  6. If you got it brand new-just wonder how long it was sitting until you got it?
  7. I had a Pflueger medalist 5 weight and caught my 1st fish on a fly rod-a sunfish, then a pumpkinseed. I was so excited.
  8. Have a Teton Tioga that has never been used 5 weight and an Abel also 5 weight and a J. Ryall 5 weight.
  9. MfishP

    Oh crap

    Last year maybe it snowed 1 day but not really any accumulation. Last good snow in NJ was maybe 2019 or 2020?
  10. Flytire-white water flies-nothing came up except fb page. Is that right?
  11. Many thanks Flytire -that is a great list and I will add to my favorites-I have Fly Shop in CA, Orvis, Madison River fly shop. Orvis-years ago (early 90's) I broke a rod tip prior to going on vacation, and had sent it back to them for repairs. Since it took awhile, I called Orvis and guy said if you don't have the rod by the trip we will contact a shop in the area and help you out. It arrived the day I was leaving-a brand new Orvis 5 weight.
  12. I have not fly fished in quite a long time and still have all my gear. A few years ago, I bought my license but work and medical issues (have 2 torn rotator cuff injuries) didn't help. I saw more people fishing during the pandemic but didn't get my chance. Spring ahead-new job and I'm ready to get back into it as I don't work weekends. I noticed all my go to online places are not what they were-Dan Baileys I see is still in business but their online site is not like it was. Also, I know Kaufmanns Streamborn went out years ago and Bob Marriott's is still in business but what actually changed? I cant seem to get on sites and browse pages like I used to. Local fly shop by me is actually still in business but from what I understand it is a part time business when the owner has time.
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