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  1. Still nothing on my end. I deal with a lot of shipping and receiving at work and it seems all the shipping companies are unreliable at best currently.
  2. Copy that, I will keep an eye on this one and will let you know when it arrives. I am in WA so I figured I would have gotten mine first. With that being said, USPS has had some serious delays going on.
  3. Just wanted to check in. I have yet to receive mine. Maybe it was returned? CCW
  4. Any word on this one? Working on 2 weeks past due.....
  5. My wife is the same. Whenever we go fishing she always asks "do we get to keep these ones"?. CCW
  6. I am all finished up and will get mine in the post Monday.
  7. Thanks for being a part guys. Watch out for the next one.
  8. That's awesome, I will check out the website and see what I can get. There is a couple bluegill catchers in there for sure. I am currently in the foam sway, so once I get those tied and i come up with a new idea I will be posting a new swap. I always try to mix it up and do something different with some cool prizes. I would say keep an eye out but as a mod you have to lol. CCW
  9. Good Morning Everyone, Thanks for participating in this one. All the flies have been "swapped" and are going in the post today. We had a good mix of flies for this one, which was great to see. I am looking forward to fishing them very soon. Richmce, and his grandson included a little material that they used on their flies. I have included this in everyone's package in addition I randomly inserted some material into everyone's package as a thank you for joining. In addition, the two sets of flies I received first will have the "grand prizes if you will. The first package in received a nice package of Firehole tungsten slotted beads, and the second package received had a package of Firehole jig hooks added. Again, thanks everyone for joining, getting your flies in quick, and all the extras. Keep an eye out for the next swap. CCW
  10. What is the cost of Fedex or UPS? Just curious as i have never checked into it?
  11. All the packages have been recieved. I will distribute, repackage and ship later this week. Thanks guys!
  12. I Can take some once all the flies have arrived.
  13. Thanks for the update Steve. Appreciate it
  14. Hey Steve. Wasn't able to message you, but wanted to check in and see how the flies were coming along? Due date is April 1st.
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