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  1. I'm waiting for the finished photo. I'm a little lost with the directions. Probably because I don't tie this type of fly very often. Looking forward to the photo!
  2. It's Alaska. He won't be released from the hospital until the Shaman says his evil spirits have gone (which might take some doing!). I'm sure he'll be back on soon.
  3. The very definition of Cutie Patootie !!!!
  4. How much is airbrush or paint brush? From the photos, it is hard to tell. It's another fantastic paint job, though !!!
  5. 😲 That one is truly developing into a beautiful tree!
  6. Welcome to the site Josh. I'm one of those who would keep up with an inventory, so I never started one. This app just sounds like another inventory method I wouldn't maintain. But this "community involvement" has me wondering ... why would I want someone else knowing what I have on hand? Isn't that a bit like writing on FaceBook, "Hey, I keep all my cash in the bottom of my sock drawer."?
  7. Looks like your local stream is a good reason NOT to take the trip! Kidding, of course, as I know this is an annual pilgrimage for you. In my attempts at destination fishing trips, I always see places closer and never make it to the end destination. That little creek is exactly the kind of place that would convince me there's no need to travel any farther away !!!
  8. Just FYI ... two ways to do this on a computer. 1) Click "edit" at the bottom of the post and delete the attachments before "saving" the post. 2) Click on your name at the top of the page. Open the "My attachments" tab and delete any photos you no longer want on the site. This will remove them from your attachments file and from any posts they are on. I don't know if this works the same on a smart-phone, as I don't use my stupid-phone for internet stuff.
  9. When I would go to other States for work, I'd always try to fish such little waters. Never caught, nor even saw trout. However, as long as I was catching anything ... I considered it a good body of water. Good luck finding the fish you're seeking, but enjoy the fish you're catching. I think there's a song about that !!!
  10. 😃 IF there was a planet to go to, with no people 'cept Wife and I ... we'd probably go. Well, robots tending a Walmart would be a good addition ... and A/C for Wife. Gotta have A/C for the Wife. Wife and I, our favorite saying is, "We hate people". One of us says it first, the other responds, "Yes, we do." That said, I've met a few of the people on this site, who I now consider friends ... Steve, Rich and Bo foremost among them. They've all graduated from People to Friends, and I am proud to call them such. 1) There are family and friends ... Wife and I can like/love these people, even overlooking any faults they might display. Family/Friends cannot become people without doing something truly heinous. 2) There are acquaintances ... people who might rate "friend" status but we haven't met yet. We can like, or not, these acquaintances until the time we eventually meet. Although they are not people, yet, they can become people without as bad an infraction as category 1. 3) Then there are people ... Wife and I hate them all. If that constitutes a negativity to you, I'm sorry you feel that way. As far as Wife and me ... we're happier than anyone else I know.
  11. Ummm ... nice picture of your weapons corner. Since this is a thread about your weight loss, you should've taken a picture of yourself. Instead of one of your fishing rods in the middle of that picture, it could be you standi .... WAIT !!!! That IS you !!!! Congrats on getting/keeping in shape Steve.
  12. It's been a couple of years now since my heart surgery. Take advantage of the nurse's attention while you're in the hospital. At our age, it's unlikely we'll ever see that kind of female interest in our well being again! My sincerest well wishes for an uncomplicated surgery and a speedy recovery. I also truly hope you don't have any lingering effects from the stroke.
  13. Can you guys not SEE ?!?!?! That's the famous Iron Rod Excalibastard. It's related to the English Sword Excaliber. The person who can pull it from the rock is the King of Manhattan!
  14. Let me know when you drive through Orlando/Deltona. I'll wave from work or from home!
  15. Well, on my first concert, I didn't know what to expect. But I didn't like the crowd roaring in applause at each riff and solo so that I couldn't hear the music being played for the next minute or so. I also didn't expect the people around me, with no musical talent at all, to be singing along in hoarse voices. More importantly, I suppose, is the jostling and lack of personal space. I elbowed and toe stomped several people to get them to give up some space ... and we were even that close to the stage. At the second concert, we were seated ... so the close-quarter defense mode wasn't as big an issue. But the screaming, shouting/singing along, and lack of studio effects in the music I could hear was enough to make a third concert a "Never again" decision for me.
  16. Pretty rod ... and a very nice gift.
  17. Welcome to the site Blackfoots.
  18. Went to a Kiss concert and a Rush concert because I was invited. Did not enjoy either one. I like studio records, with all the editing and sound enhancements that make good music. Concerts have two failures that made those two concerts the only ones I've ever been to. 1. The music isn't nearly as good as the recorded music is. 2. WAY too many people. I don't like people, in general, and that much crowding together just brings hatred to the surface.
  19. Between the wraps and that grip ... Oh WOW, that's a gorgeous work of art.
  20. My deepest sympathies. I remember when she passed. I am glad you've learned to live on, perhaps to keep her memory alive. I am glad you're still with us, sharing your hobbies and photos. I worried, for a while, that we were going to lose you from the site. And that I would lose contact with a good friend. May your memories of her comfort you and may your life honor her.
  21. I've never gotten that message. As far as I can tell, it's a hosting website issue ... something only the site owner can deal with/fix.
  22. Looks beautiful already. Looking forward to little big tree pictures.
  23. You keep churning out beauties !!!
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