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  1. Convenient ... having three hands like that !!!
  2. Welcome to the site, 358. To many of the tiers here, fly tying is not something you do while also watching TV. It's an engrossing hobby that takes most of your attention to the details. I'm like that to a small degree. Distractions are not welcome. That said, I've seen a lot of members speaking of having a computer showing fly fishing or tying videos while they're tying. I don't even have music on, usually. I think the main reasons people don't tie in the living room while watching TV are the amount of "stuff" that ends up on the desk top and the mess of trimmings and cut offs. Pretty hard to keep track of all that on a TV tray or other small table. It's done by some, for sure, but I don't think many do it. I rarely tie "just for fun". I tie what I need for my fishing. In that vein, I sit down with all my attention on the "task" at hand. No distractions, just fly tying until I have enough of the pattern(s) I'm needing. Good luck on your journey into this hobby/addiction.
  3. Although your odds of winning are astronomically against it ... you have an absolute zero chance if you don't play at all. I've got one number I've played for 20 years. Won $900.00 once and $450.00 once. Still hoping for the "retirement plan" amount to fall into my hands!
  4. Is that green and blue one headed for a house in Florida?
  5. Already working on it, Silver. This thread isn't about mine being too high ... it's about DWSmith's being lowered and if he'll adapt to that or keep having dizziness, etc. issues.
  6. If the cork is in good shape, perhaps you can just sand it down to the shape you want. On the other hand, if it's a gift, why change it. You might find you like that shape in your hands for that rod.
  7. My BP is doing just the opposite. For most of my life, my resting heart rate has been around 60 BPM. It still is, give or take a few. It's always taken a bit of work to get it to "target" rates higher than 100. Today, I went to the facility and completed my nuclear stress tests. Resting heart rate, 57 to 62. BP, 146/80. After the resting nuclear pictures, I went to the treadmill. After two raises in angle and speed, they had to get me up to jogging speed before I could get my heart rate over 133. BP, highest was 186/89. Technician said I looked a little flush in the face, but I don't feel any differences with the high blood pressure. I only bring all this up because I don't know it there's any such thing as "adapting" to lower blood pressure. You shouldn't be able to tell unless the pressure is dropping dangerously low or getting dangerously high. If your experiencing dizzy spells and other reactions, I'd suspect problems, not just failure to adapt. But ... all that written, I am no doctor. I'm relating what I am experiencing. I get Vasovagal Syncope when my pressure drops rapidly. Otherwise, consistent high or low pressures don't seem to be noticeable.
  8. Full "Red Green" shows are on YouTube. I LOVE that show !!!
  9. Very nice snail patterns. I tied some the last time you posted your attempts. We have Redears here, but nothing as big as Havasu. I haven't had any hits on mine yet. I know it's several month or half a year or so, but I hope you get the time and get lots of great memories from your next trip to that lake.
  10. You must've seen my inner me in your dream. Wife says she's still waiting for be to reach mental teens.
  11. Quadruple bypass 4 years ago. Vasovagal syncope is a dizzy/fainting event during a sudden drop in blood pressure. I rarely get them now, but I went down a few times right after the operation. My latest event, about a month or so ago, was brought on by heat and dehydration while working outside. It's not just a BP thing, but what causes the drop and how rapidly it drops. It's VERY important, especially after heart/cardio meds or events, that you drink more than you think you need. Definitely discuss it with your doctor(s).
  12. Not too bright, though. I like that ... turquoise? ... almost as much as blue.
  13. mikechell

    138 Lobsters

    Just another reason why Wife and I say "We hate people".
  14. Thank you! We were careful, and didn't set the house on fire. We did get several calls from neighbors asking if the heat and light coming from our house was a nuclear accident in progress. One guy, next door is saying he wants our insurance information, due to the paint blistered and melted off the side of his car that faces our house. Local bird watchers were gathering in our area, too. They'd never seen so many vultures circling one area before. I've been asked what my first pet was. When I jokingly say it was a Saber Tooth, they don't even doubt me. What did I do on my birthday? I painted doors. It's the final step on our house update/upgrade. I took all the doors off when we had the walls cleaned and painted. Due to the travel for work, I've not had the chance to paint them and get them back up. Got four of them done today. Only another 6 regular doors and two folding doors to go. Oh, and Wife made an Apple Crisp with double the crisp ... just for me !!!
  15. That looks good, Steve. But it's another one of those subscription services that we don't have. We dropped them a few years back.
  16. Any fish I see and lose, I don't lie about and estimate its weight as closely as I can. Any fish I don't see and lose was a gar. Pure and simple, I lost a big gar.
  17. I apologize for starting this thread with this particular movie. Been a long time since Wife and I went to the theater, and this movie was extremely good. The messages at the end (stay until the "special message" airs) are certainly poignant. I don't get the political controversy since the movie isn't political in any way. It's a crime drama. I was hoping to get more input on movies people have seen recently that are also highly recommended ... especially those that aren't well advertised. I'll put in a second movie that I finally got the chance to see ... "Dune"(2021). The recent version is as close to the book as it can be. And I'm dying to see part 2 when it comes out.
  18. There are a lot of good movies out there these days. Old movies that can still be seen. New movies that are based on video games or comics. I'm usually not a fan of exposé or "true story" movies. However, Wife and I watched "Sound of Freedom" today. Excellent! Excellent acting, story line and cinematography. Based on a true story and NOT hollywood-ized, there's no unreal high speed car chases or limitless bullet gun battles. But the story doesn't need it. An exposé on human trafficking, it should be a forerunner for the oscars.
  19. sure is a pretty stretch of water. Nice bass, too.
  20. Got home Saturday from two weeks in Newport News, VA. Due to weather delays and cancelled flights, I spent nearly 36 hours with only about 3 hours of sleep. Still not recuperated, but I did get the grass (hay field) mowed. Three weeks at home before I go back up to Newport News. Trying to decide if I'm going to drive it this time or fly.
  21. mikechell

    A real watch.

    I have a turnip watch my Mom gave me several decades ago. I don't know where she got it from, but it hangs over my desk at home. If I remember to wind it, it keeps pretty good time. I don't wear it. As with most replies above, since I have a phone, I don't need any other time pieces.
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