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  1. Was going to call them patriot midge, but someone took that name😂
  2. I’ll give it a try, but have no idea what to tie😜
  3. Mine are done and will go out in mail soon. Partridge and peacock soft hackles
  4. Sorry for running behind. Flies are tied and will get in mail today. Extra for swap master😉
  5. I had a great time with this swap again. Thank you Jay Dzik for the great flies and virider for doing this again
  6. I thought I got in on this swap? And said I was tying stimulators? Maybe through Facebook post
  7. Received my flies and materials yesterday. Really love everything and really rewarding participating in these swaps. Now on to terrestrials 😉
  8. Didn’t get mine yet. Guess Santa knows I’m a bad boy who knows I can’t be trusted not to peek😂
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