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  1. Lucky Man Rick -20C again this AM. But getting better. I can't start my tomatoes or peppers for another 3 - 4 weeks for outside planting May 24 - June 6. Have my seeds though!
  2. Just wondering. Found his posts quite entertaining for a young buck but doesn't seem to post any more.
  3. As I find myself retiring in a couple of days I have to leave my office computer at work and transfer all non essential stuff to my home computer including fly tying forum. I'm having difficulty. My call name is Meeshka and I figure I know my password. My e mail will also change and haven'teen able to do that sucessfully. Coul'd you please email me my info including password so that I may affect this change. Thank You Doug
  4. Nicely tied flys. Love the name tetra - eaten any good fugu lately?
  5. I have actually seen that fly tied with otter. It was tied by one of my dads friends probably in the 40's.
  6. If you take a look - almost all of Canada is suffering from extreme cold temps - minus 25 - 30C for highs plus wind chill for 2 weeks now. And that weather has to go somewhere. On the bright side by Tuesday the temps are supposed to be near -4C so it souinds like it is coming to an end
  7. There is also a paperback out from 1999: " What Fish See " by Dr Colin Kageyama. Haven't read it myself but just thought I would give some imput
  8. Nope. Not out of a perfectly good plane. That would scare the shit out of me.
  9. Last nights low at my house -38C, with windchills approaching -50C. Haven't seen it this brutal in years. Truck hardly started this morning. Not expected to warm up for another 7 days.
  10. I've got lots of threads some very old. Some break down some don't. They are primarily stored in tupperware containers in a cool, dark dry place. I have found that the ones stored out of that environment will break down more easily over time. How were yours stored classtime?
  11. Snow. Highs in the mid minus 20C with wind chills approaching -40C for at least another week.
  12. Apparently pretty good eating. Season just opened in Alberta for them last fall. I'll stick to ducks and geese - all I need is another 700 decoys.
  13. Wow Skeet, I see these birds lots on migration flying in massive flocks and very high. They often land in the field next to my farm but I've never been able to get that close for a good pic, even with a 400mm telephoto. Nice Job. Doug
  14. I tie it too DFoster. I do however use the smallest black bead I can for the head - I don't know if the fish notice.
  15. sessions For the beads my friend gave me some " diamond painting drills" that she had left over from a picture she did They are small, the smallest I could find. I had used coarse sand at one time but didn't like the aesthetics when done. I only want to tie these on a 10 or 12 because I've got those hooks
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