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  1. Thanks! So far this one has not sucked any blood!
  2. Mosquito: Grizzly hackle, wing, and tail, stem for body.
  3. Brown drake variant: Tail: Hackle stems Body: Deer hair Wing: Deer hair, brown hackle
  4. Keep on tying! Looks like you have a nice tying station. Did you make that?
  5. Repeat post, but my favorite.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Peak rotary pedestal vise and it is in your range.
  7. I am a big fan of the Usual, plus I love saying "Oh, the Usual" when people ask what I'm using! I like the CDC variant as well - 2 materials, snowshoe and cdc. I like them for sulphurs- your look well done.
  8. I really like that graphic caddis Flytire, I can see some of those coming off of my vise soon!
  9. Nice range of colors and as always, perfect execution.
  10. Rusty Spinner Variant Hook: 14 Mustad dry Tail: tan microfibbits Body: Tan turkey biot Thorax: rust superfine dubbing Wings: EP fibers This was the first time I have used a turkey biot for a body and I was amazed at how easy it was and how nice they look.
  11. Thanks DFoster! Silvercreek, I whip finish at the base of the post on bigger sizes, often on the smaller ones, I tie off on the eye. Either way I make sure to use head cement, as too often the hackle breaks after a fish or two. I have tried UV resin to glue it, but have not liked it- I might experiment more with different resins. It seems like it would be more durable and easier on small flies, I just do not have the hang of it yet.
  12. Thanks you guys, I have been adding a few flies to the rows every day. I do find paras, comparaduns, and emerges to catch more fish, but I just feel like I should always have some classic Adams in 14, 16, and 18 on hand for tradition's sake! I probably use a 14 para more than any other mayfly pattern. I like tying those the most too. I like the Tacky boxes and have found them on sale. The dry fly box- pictured- is sometimes a bit finicky as far as putting flies into their slots. They accommodate my OCD pretty well.
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