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  1. Pretty rough but rather than gum up the works and tie another one tomorrow I’ll go with it. How about a copper John for the next fly?
  2. Is there a timeframe for donating flies or are donations accepted throughout the year? I’ll tie up a set or two and send them your way. Thanks for posting for such a good cause.
  3. Mine hit the mail today. Scheduled for deliver Friday. I will PayPal the money for return postage. Thanks for hosting again this year, Nick.
  4. Excellent work on that. Amazingly smooth body using just thread. That’s pretty awesome. Looks like chain mail.
  5. Very nice work. Planning to make something similar this weekend, though it won’t look nearly as good, so thanks for the inspiration.
  6. 1: Muskie on a fly. 2: Carp on a fly. 3: Hybrid striped bass on a fly. 4: Fish the Wisconsin driftless. 5: Fish all the wild trout streams in Missouri. 6: Somehow get the kids interested in doing some of these with me. No particular order. Fishing has really been put on the back burner for me the last few years, 2020 especially. Not sure how it happened but this year is so far looking like I might be able to get more time on the water to accomplish some of these goals.
  7. Got some great looking flies from Jay Dzik and denduke (along with a sweet trout skin from pattern box). Thanks for the awesome fish-getters, gents! And, again, thanks to Nick for running such a great swap every year.
  8. Really nice set of flies arrived yesterday. Thanks for hosting and the extras, Bob. Merry Christmas, all!
  9. Boxes got here Tuesday. Really looking forward to opening them on Christmas morning. Thanks to all for joining and making this a great swap. A special thanks to Nick for hosting every year.
  10. I’m still a trout newb and am fishing for stockers in small ponds so take this for what it’s worth... The trout here seem to be grazers. Always moving, mostly picking through the submerged vegetation. At times it seems like they’re doing laps around the ponds. Bites will be really frequent in one spot for 10 or 15 minutes and then they’ll shut down. People on the other side start catching then. Another half hour or so and the bite is back on.
  11. I’ll add another vote for the Cortland clear intermediate. Had one on my 8wt for a while before I ruined it by stepping on it on rocks. I bought it on sale but would have no trouble paying full price for it. I have one coming for a 6wt now. Heck of a good line.
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