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  1. A small wild brown and 2 pics of the same Rainbow. I got the Rainbow on a #10 royal coachman winged wet variant (I used yellow floss instead of red). That bow was probably the hardest fighting fish I've caught this year. This river is stocked in the spring but perhaps this one was wild? Two cast later I hooked another decent size fish with the same fly until a rushed blood knot let go and ruined my fun. I know better than to rush through a knot- I think the adrenalin from the first bow got the better of me. 😵
  2. Please post a photo on the "Show your bench" thread when you get it set up-
  3. I tied these #24s for one of my home waters, the Swift River here in Mass. More often than not Micro flys (dry and wet) can be the best option for the big Rainbows there so it pays to have at least a few ready. RS2 MICRO Variant HOOK: #24 DRY FLY THREAD: 8/0 BLACK TAIL: WOOD DUCK FIBERS ABDOMEN/BODY: ULTRA FINE DRY FLY DUBBING WING: CDC WHITE HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS
  4. As a New Englander I know little about stingrays but I'm told a sting in "unbelievably painful". I think that would have been a situation where I would have cut the leader...
  5. Niveker- JB Weld will never be removable once it's cured in place. If you really love the boots It might be worth asking a cobbler to repair them correctly. I only went this route because I'm trying to get to the end of the season without dropping $150(ish) for replacements. Thanks sir- JB is a permanent resident in my work shop. Over the years I've been able to stick together a lot of broken things that I was pretty sure couldn't be stuck back together. It's never pretty but it is practical. With boots and waders I don't care what the look like I just want them to work. Besides all the ugly home repairs add character to an item. Since I don't expect Prince Charles to invite me salmon fishing on a "tweed required" English estate this year- character is good.😉
  6. Old age has gotten to my White River (Bass Pro) brand wading boots and they began to fall apart this year. The issue is that the nylon cording that holds the sole to the boot has worn through which allowed the sole to seperate. I think I paid around a $100 for them and after 12 years of heavy use I really can't complain. At this point I would like to be able to finish the Autumn fishing season with them before buying a new pair. They are pretty beat and I couldn't justify dropping them off at a cobbler. I restitched them with some heavy nylon thread which wasn't too hard because the holes are already there and thread I used was considerably smaller than the original. Because of the lighter weight thread I had to reinforce the area and worked some JB Weld 2 part epoxy into the seam before covering the exterior with the stuff. Looks like hell but it works. I repaired my left heel 2 months ago and it's still holding up. I finished the right front last night.
  7. Well said- My iphone photos also show all sorts of mistakes in what I thought were pretty good flies while they were in the vise. Maybe Apple has back door software that photo shops in mistakes onto the pictures of my flies overnight? Yes that must be it. Apparently Apple hates fly tyers.
  8. DFoster


    I'm a fan in general of Tom Rosenbauer. I've listened to his podcast and seen many of his vids, all of which is produced through Orvis. Like someone on here said It's really nice they're not just a giant commercial for Orvis but are really geared towards educating fly anglers new and experienced.
  9. I don't often fish with streamers, mostly for Salmon in the fall. Deer hair in my size 14 to 18 world is almost always used on my dries. A few days ago I went fishing on the small river behind my home and caught 20+ blue gill/crappie in less than 2 hours. All of them on #4 -#8 streamers out of my salmon box. Really great fun- So...Obviously I'm still working out tying with Deer hair muddler style and I had to trim these free hand because I don't have a razor holder yet. Still I think they'll catch fish just fine and I began to learn another tying technique. I tied some with different color tails, swapped the peacock herl for Crystal flash and tied a few without any added weight. WHITE MARABOU MUDDLER HOOK: #8 3X STREAMER THREAD: WHITE 140 UNDER BODY: .020 LEAD- HALF SHANK TAIL: YELLOW MARABOU TIPS BODY: HARELINE FLAT DIAMOND BRAID THORAX: NATURAL DEER HAIR UNDERWING: WHITE MARABOU WING: GREEN MARABOU WITH PEACOCK HERL HEAD: SLIVER BEAD
  10. Our daughter has a golden and his undercoat is wonderful for dubbing. I make sure he get a brushing whenever we have him overnight. I caught quite a few Brookies on soft hackles with golden bodies.
  11. Saved yourself 9 grand- thats what you did...
  12. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    I have several friends who are vets that are pleased with their VA provided hearings aids. The Bose hearing aids are simply a low cost good quality alternative for those of us who have to pay 100% out of pocket. I simply want those people to know work well and are available.
  13. Thanks- I'm not sure either but they hatch on the Swift in September. They look like the black flies from the spring - maybe a little smaller.
  14. Here is a simple small winged ant pattern. I actually tied these to imitate a really small gnat that hatches around here Sept - October. The natural is somewhere in the #26-#32 range and they come black and brown. (If anyone knows what the name of the really bug is please let me know) These are tied on #20s which is the smallest dry fly hook I had and I purposely tied them a short to try to get them into the correct size range. SMALL ANT HOOK: DRY FLY #20 THREAD: BLACK OR BROWN ABDOMEN: THREAD WITH LOON THIN FLOW UV. THORAX-LEGS: LIFECYCLE CADDIS DUBBING BLACK OR BROWN WING: PEARL FLASH HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS
  15. My son in law, a father of 4, when asked if he got anything will reply "peace and quiet".
  16. Honestly there's no need- these things last about a week with 6 grand kids and their friends jumping on them.
  17. Our grand kids killed yet another inflatable pool float this weekend. Thin, stretchy and this one happened to have a range of nice colors. .
  18. LOL - Fish small flies at your own risk!
  19. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    TJM, the Bose hearing aids operate exactly like a car stereo, they are not like the more expensive hearing aids in that you can't boost or retard specific frequencies. Below is a screen shot of the simple phone AP they operate from. You have volume, treble/bass with left to right balance adjustments and a mute button. The everywhere button toggles between amplifying 360 degrees around you or just directly in front of you which is useful when surrounded by ambient noise like in restaurants. When you find a setting that works for a given situation like TV, Conversation, Outdoors, movie theaters you can save it as one of 10 pre sets (Modes). Bose states that these aids are designed for mild to moderate loss. My hearing loss is in the low end of the severe range. I'm not a veteran and because most private health insurance pays zero towards hearing aids so cost was a big factor in my decision. For me these are adjustable enough that I can hear reasonably well. They are not perfect but neither were my expensive Beltones and these list at $850 for a pair not thousands of dollars. I wish I could tell you these would work for you but I can only speak to my personal situation, everyone is different. If you want to try them they do offer a 90 day full refund and they ship right to your door. One question, my understanding is that VA supplies hearing aids at no cost to Vets so wouldn't it make sense to get replacements through them?
  20. While I’m “getting away from it all” I can take all the photos I want of the fish I catch and the wildlife I see- Thank you, cell phone! I can’t ever really “get away from it all” even while I’m fishing – Thank you cell phone.
  21. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    A quick update- My hearing aids are still working fantastic. In may when I bought them they were only approved for sale in 5 states, I received this via email the other day so I thought I would post it.
  22. My wife and I are still slugging our way through a complete kitchen remodel so lately there's not much time for fishing or tying. I did get out last Saturday and after missing more than a few takes (out of practice I guess) I finally got a small stream bow and brook trout to hand. Plus I'm happy to report I landed my personal smallest fish ever after a mighty battle. A few more of those and I could open a bait shop. As a bonus I found a nice wood handle net hanging stream side in a bush in the middle of nowhere. The wood frame was in great shape. The net had a hole and will need to be replaced. As net material is not biodegradable finding it was good for both myself and the residents of the stream.
  23. Here's a local midge emerger pattern that I tied on size 20's. They can be tied in any color combination. It's simple but because of the sizes can be challenging -most often these are tied in 28-32. WICKED PISSAH MIDGE HOOK: 20-32 CURVED THREAD: GREEN, BROWN OR TAN or any color you like. ABDOMEN/BODY: THREAD RIB: BROWN, ORANGE OR BLACK THREAD or any color you like. WING: WHITE CDC HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS
  24. NIce tie! I think your fly would definitely catch our local brookies, the plastic tube is an interesting idea.
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