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  1. Hey Sandan! Thanks for the tip! I was surly over greasing it in the past🙁.
  2. Mr Tucker did nice work on that fly. I have a friend that just showed me two that he tied as well as 2 that he purchased from George Grant. He took a tying class from Mr Grant in Montana some years ago. Very cool process. Way above my skillset.
  3. Those look so amazing! I really need to up my game.
  4. I might have to try that or the silicone. Thanks! That was a great explanation. I don't want it to get stuck closed or damage anything. There is a lot of pressure on those jaws. That's what I actually use most of the time right now. Great simple tool for the job. I have had it for 15 years and it works well. But I really want a Renzetti Master Vise! Those are great vises. That's the first vise I ever used. It was the "house" vise at a local fly shop.
  5. I love that idea. I was just concerned because it is a forced cone. I thought it might bind up. I think I will disassemble it and clean everything off. Thank you
  6. @chugbug27 I had not thought about wax at all. Thank you!
  7. HI everyone! Im sure no one remembers but 4 years ago a few of you guys helped me pick my new vise. I ended up with a Dyna King Professional. Great vise. So thank you all again! When I got it I cleaned all of the marine grease off it and applied petroleum jelly (vaseline). It works but it basically turns into a dark grey/black goo that leaks out and gets all over stuff. Im wondering what you folks use for your vises? Im looking for something nontoxic as my kids use the vises too. Any thoughts? Thank you
  8. Your stuff is always so clean. I really enjoy your work.
  9. Those are crazy! I have never seen anything like that. Nice work!
  10. Thats amazing! Wow! I bet that would be great for the pike up here.
  11. That looks great!! love the vise!
  12. I mostly wade fish as well and also use a small fishpond chest rig. I keep other stuff in the truck and just take what I need. I don't get really far from the truck the last few years anyway. I have been thinking about trying a wading stick. Maybe I won't fall down so much
  13. Your muddler minnows are inspiring! Nice work! Charlies videos are my favorites.
  14. @SBPatt Nice! I really like that!
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