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  1. I have some of their gear and it is of very good quality.I used to buy some of their fly tying items, but the one place i used to go purchase items from got away from the fishing business.
  2. I try to go but because i work for a greeting card company we are usually very busy.If not then i go but prefer the fly fishing show in January.
  3. I belong to a motorcycle forum and had someone get parts but did not send payment.I think you can contact the Post Office and get them for mail fraud.
  4. I get what you are saying.Some fly fishermen dont know ettiquet at all.The problem i see the most-out of state people who dont have a fishing license and lack of people who enforce that.I do see a lot of in state people who dont have a license either.If i see someone who doesnt have a license i will usually say something.Most of the timme they will leave.
  5. I had a Sage years ago(XP) nice rod cast really nice but ended up trading it in for an Orvis 5 weight.Still have my Orvis,Powell Light Touch,and a Scott.Every time the Orvis broke many years ago,I ended up getting a brand new rod as Orvis told me they dont keep replacement parts in stock.But the warranty policy changed years ago like it was mentioned.In my opinion-Winston is the most over priced fly rod on the market!
  6. Very nice fly-I always enjoy when you post!
  7. Years ago i went to the annual fly-fishing show in NJ and saw the owners of WaterWisp flies and the following year they were gone.Nice people-they jacked up the prices of their flies and hooks for the show but so does everyone else.I might have some hooks laying around.I might even have some flies laying around.
  8. Just one other note-make sure epoxy has not been sitting around.I use it alot at work and it can go bad.
  9. You people are the best!-just went to Dr about my hand-cant tell extent of damage but a X-ray did reveal a broken index finger! It was missed at ER Dr and just found out today.Looking at stocking my fly supply-stopped counting at 1600.That was 2 years ago!
  10. Am very interested in both offers.Both of you can send me a message or reply here.Thanks
  11. Am looking to see if anyone is willing to tie and sell maybe a dozen in size 16? They actually have worked good for me in NJ.
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