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  1. Keep up the good work. That fly will catch fish. Love that hat too!
  2. We have some big carp in a local river and i have never seen anyone fishing for them. Will tie up some of those flies when i can tie again. Look like lots of fun.
  3. I went into Walgreens yesterday and in their seasonal dept they had balls about volleyball size in different colors for 6$. Looks to be a lifetime supply.
  4. Great pattern! Panfish and trout must love that one
  5. Mark that is truly an amazing knife!
  6. Cheech from fly fish food has a great video on gluing closed cell foam. Its really easy
  7. Jack Gartside used 2mm, feel free to use 1mm Doubled or tripled. But 2-4mm all work fine. I get my foam everywhere. Walmart- amazon- craft shops And fly shops too
  8. I cant find the webpage via that evil g word browser, Does anyone have a link to the guy from quebec who builds really nice looking vises up in the great white north?
  9. Youtube has dozens or videos for diy lathes. Most involve a common homeowner grade corded electric drill for power. If you want variable speed you can use a light dimmer switch to raise and lower speeds based on need. I had a minilathe years ago and regret selling it.
  10. Got mine today, nice work everyone!
  11. I need to make friends with people in the surgical field.
  12. I made a trip to wallyworld yesterday and saw these little gems in the craft dept, for 8$ it was worth a try. They have good sharp blades, not serrated but will see how the work with deer hair. Anyone else using these?
  13. I need to get supplies, i guess its going to be my first trip to bears den for marabou etc.
  14. Back in the day our verizon fios remotes did multiple things but the company found we were spending hours programming remotes and did away with them.
  15. Mine are going out today. Cant wait to see what everyone came up with.
  16. Taunton is not a quick ride for me, We had 3 or 4 shops in boston and within a short period of time they all closed. I honestly have never been to bears den. I will make an effort to go down.
  17. Generally marabou, but finding good feathers locally is getting difficult due to lfs closing and big box stores carrying nothing but junk. I tried arctic fox on some and a few sw shrimp gurgler patterns i tied up for florida.
  18. Vicente, It took me two weeks of watching videos and looking thru books to come up with something . , i had not tied a single fly in over 2 years due to work and a neurological problem in my hands. I tied up a dozen flies only to realize they were not really baitfish patterns. So i had to start from scratch. You will come up with something and everyone will end up happy. Its all good. Merry Christmas! Pete
  19. I have never cut a thread with my norvise bobbin.
  20. What's not to like about the nor-vise bobbin? I have several and they work flawlessly. They are designed to work with the vise that Mr Norlander skillfully designed decades ago. Unless you are using a norvise or other rapid spinning vise you can't take full advantage of the bobbins versatility. The Ekich bobbin is nice but having to reseat the spool would get annoying.
  21. Tying tonight Have not tied in years Hope they catch fish for you guys!
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