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  1. If you're taking about Todd's Wiggle craw, if you can't find the cylinders anywhere else you can order them from the Fly Shop of Tn, they have a web sight Flyshopoftn.com. It's the craw version of Todd's Wiggle Minnow.
  2. I don't mean to put down The Clouser And the Deceiver, for years they have produced fish..,but there are lots of flys out there that are just as good and some even better. You just have to try other patterns. If you look at the Spin and casting world they are always looking for the new lure or soft plastic. For example Todd's wiggle minnow a couple years ago won the Charleston celebrity redbone redfish classic,, outfishing the Clouser and the Deceiver, which most other anglers were fishing, the Tarpon toad won the multi species tournement in Florida. When you look at professional bass fisherman they have different hard baits, soft plastics, jigs, top water, spinnerbaits, etc.. My fly box has many different flys for many different fishing situations.,, Its the same with flys. You should have many different flys for different fishing situations ,it will make you a much better angler, Keep the Fly shops open and try other flys besides Clousers and Deceivers.
  3. Todd's Wiggle Minnow is becoming alot of guys Go To fly for snook. The saltwater version tied on a Gamakatsu B10s 2/0 in Chartruese and White, and White with Red head. Give it shot.
  4. The fly pattern looks like a Beck's Super Bugger.
  5. Alot of guys have switched to 50lb floro, even with Blue Fish which have Pirhana teeth. I would try 50lb Ande Floro.
  6. First thing forget the subsurface flies....unless you're getting nothing at all on the surface. These fish are surface junkies. If you are going all the way to the Amazon...Fish the surface hard, Thats what fishing for Peacocks are all about...huge surface explosions. I would suggest Gurglers, Boilmakers, Dahlberg divers...Big noisy surface flies. If the surface bite isn't working for you big flies with synthetic materials that shed water alot better that naturals. If you tie your own flies..use bright colors, and don't forget that orange belly. and make them BIG.
  7. I know how you feel, I lost my brother in July. he fought a life long batlle with Cystic Fibrosis. He was 30. I still walk around like it was a dream. I don't believe it has fully hit me yet. Reach out to the Lord, He's the only one who can truly pull you through this time. I'll pray for you and your family.
  8. The cylinders you want are Wapsi cylinders. The fly shop of tn carries them. www.flyshopoftn.com. I designed todd's wiggle minnow, if you have any questions about it feel free to email me. Todd.
  9. I messed with it a long time ago, I found that it wasn't really worth it. I seem to remember it messing with the action. I use 3/8 in Dia. for size 2, 2/0 I use 5/16 in Dia. for size 6 and cut the length down to 1 5/16" in length. I use a TMC 8089 for trout, bass and a gamakatsu b10s 2/0 for salt and heavier fish like stripers etc. hope this helps.
  10. When smallmouth are feeding they will hit about anything.., I found that color is more important than the actual pattern.. Try a Todds Wiggle Minnow.., Deadly smallmouth pattern.
  11. Well its not really new,most of the foam popper heads on the market today are petty much made the same way, and the different colored heads you see on the market are made the same way, different colors glued together then shaped. Its been around for a while. Edgewater and Sleazy Steves fly shop have tools to make and shape foam popper heads. Sleazy Steves even have multi colored foam blocks. Not to discredit you or anything like that its a great way to make custom colors, shapes and sizes and you do a great job. It also looks like a very inexpensive way to make popper heads. You also could use the same technique with cork sheets, cut them out and shape them, basically the same way you would make a handle on a fly rod.
  12. I'm suprised with the number of women on this board, I teach a fly tying class and most of the time the women I teach end up the better tyers. Sorry guys. We need more women in this sport. Note to husbands, boy friends etc. don't teach them yourselves, it usually doesn't work out to well. Have someone else teach them. From experience of trying to teach my girlfriend how to cast, she just dropped the rod and walked into the house and refuses to try it again. So if you do teach them to tie or cast yourself be as patience as possible.
  13. I kept my fly "Todds Wiggle Minnow" from the world for a long time I actually started messing with that fly over 8 or 9 years ago and it took me about 3 years to start showing it to people and just last year submitted it to Umpqua. If your fly is truly unique and you want to make some money on it start tying it commercially or submit it to a company like Umpqua. It might already be developed by somebody else. You got to remember it is very hard to come up with a fly that is truly original. This sport is very old and alot of flies today are just add-ons of new materials than say a different pattern all together. From the mouth of Lefty Kreh "share" so thats what I did with my fly.
  14. chartreuse, black, and firetiger are all good muddy water colors. For clear water white, grey and white and neutral colors like tan, olive, and brown work well in clear water.
  15. Yeah... the two main changes are of course the resolution went up to I think 7.1 megapixels and the depth went up to 3 meters about ten feet from five feet on the W20. It also takes some sweet under water video also.
  16. The one thing about taking under water pictures is the water clarity itself. Very clear water is a big part of it. The pentax optio w10, w20 takes great under water pictures. They have a new w30 out now also.
  17. Love the city at night they look great, You take great pics of birds, Ever considering publishing them? The quality is that good.
  18. wiggleminnow


    I've been considering going to 100lb Magibraid for a bite tippet this year for musky it has the same dia. as 50lb mono. You can rig it to your leader by using a double nail knot or a double duncan. You might want to try this also.
  19. I'm looking for a safe reliable place to buy a camcorder online. I know there are alot of scammers and crooks out there in cyber world. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  20. I have a fly with Umpqua Feather Merchants, Todd's Wiggle Minnow. I still tie it for the local shops here in East Tn. If you have a unique fly that is a big fish producer you can stay pretty busy. I supply the shops with my fly and at $4.00 a fly it goes out the door, I can barely keep up with the two shops here. Thats why I was always nervous about going online with it, I just didn't know if I could keep up with the demands of it. Thats why I merchant it out to Umpqua. I'm actually going to go online with it tying it myself just because the royalties are not that much and I know that the buyer is getting a good product. Thats the biggest problem about selling a fly to a big company getting them to tie it right, remember your name is on that fly and if it's not tied well you're most likely going to get the blame. I have alot of unique patterns that I could probably outsource as well but I'm not going to. It's not whats it cracked up to be. Support the US tyers. You'll always most likely get a better product.
  21. I prefer a Materelli, You get a much tighter knot than using your fingers, either or always add some type of head cement or zap a gap to really secure the knot.
  22. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by wiggleminnow: Musky Patte Popper "Baby Duck"
  23. For that pattern a Gamakatsu B10s is a good hook to use, it has a big gape and is a heavy carbon steel hook, the hook your using doesn't have enough gape.
  24. That happens when you start combining species, "pike" "musky" = tiger musky. Palimino trout "rainbow trout" And I think a golden trout don't qoute me on that. Kamloop trout "rainbow trout" and something else not qiute sure. But all of these fish don't reproduce but they do go through the spawning rituals.
  25. spring time means baby mammals which is also on a musky's diet. don't forget to try baby muskrat patterns, even a baby duckling pattern also. I actually have fished caverun lake, a big producer on that lake is a 4 inch rattle trap so don't forget to tie up some flies with rattles in them also. top water poppers work good too, a good one is puglisi's flex popper, just because it's a good design to get some size to your popper. When your up there look around the lake for my arm as well.
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