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  1. Very cool! That's a great keepsake for sure.
  2. Stimulator, size 10. Flared the tails a bit, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them.
  3. Excellent! That's what it's all about right there.
  4. That looks beyond amazing. I love music, but suck at creating it. My older brother inherited all of the music genes and I guess there were none leftover, ha ha. Have total respect for musicians though as a result. Looks like a very comfortable set-up and great you can watch over the kids as well.
  5. Thanks guys. Good point about more wing.
  6. Similar scenario for the more popular spots here in Maine. The few minor breeches in etiquette I've encountered are vastly overshadowed by numerous instances of mutual respect and civility as you described, both subtle and profound. Maybe it's because we're all Red Sox fans? 🙂 Just a few weeks ago, a good buddy and I traveled to a pretty well known spot. Surprisingly, no one else was at what most consider the best stretch of water. Another fellow showed up a few minutes later and we were glad he did. We respected distance, had a lot of fun chatting with this guy, and all shared in one another's fun when we caught trout (and there were many that day). It enhanced the experience. It was great fishing with this new friend and if he hadn't have shown up, the day would have missed something.
  7. Kimo is a hard act to follow... 🙂 Black Ghost, size 6.
  8. I recently inherited my late uncle's fly fishing equipment and library. Made a fun discovery the other day when I opened the front cover to this book:
  9. Same direction. If it's not looking right when doing so, I'm wondering if it's more technique or placement that is the cause. Good luck.
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