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  1. @niveker Great lookin' fly! Nice work.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving @Moshup and to all of you. Thankful for you friendly folks here on this site and the inspiration and help you provide. Hope you all have had a great holiday. -Jamie
  3. Cool idea, ejcox. Welcome to the site as well. Making it social media is an option to consider, specifically with the option to make your flies public with others, have followers, and follow others.
  4. @Bimini15 Great looking bunch there! Nice work.
  5. @niveker Those look fantastic. Nice job everyone.
  6. Found this article by April Vokey after my post. Summary: Highly questionable. https://www.themeateater.com/fish/fly/egg-sucking-leech
  7. Egg Sucking Leech... (do leeches really attack eggs regularly and do trout really think that's what they're looking at?) Hook: TMC 300, size 6, 6XL. Tail: Black marabou Body: Black chenille Underbody: .20 pseudo-lead Hackle: Black hen Head: Orange chenille
  8. @Pbass You nailed it with that stimulator. Nice one!
  9. Green Caddis Larva Hook: Mustad Size 14 Underbody: .15 pseudo-lead wire Body: Green dubbing Ribbing: Green thread Head: Rusty Brown dubbing.
  10. @flytire I am intrigued by that book. A quick Google search showed a picture of a few of the pages... is the whole book just recipes with no pictures? Regardless, I may order a used copy. Nice fly also, another fine example of the great work you do.
  11. @Mark Knapp Looks like a blast! Nice looking fish (and breakfast sandwiches). I have all of the gear, but for whatever reasons don't get out on the ice much. Perhaps this year though.
  12. @upnorthtier Nice ones! I noticed dozens in the boxes below, did you tie all of those?! Impressive! @Moshup Nice work... Of all of the classic wet patterns, the P&O has brought more to the net for me than any other.
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