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  1. Simple BWO. Hook - TMC 100, #20 Thread - 8/0 Olive Tail - Dunn hackle Body - Olive dubbing Wings - Dunn hackle
  2. I learned not to put too much on my plate with work. I recently corrected that.
  3. Reverse Copper John Hook: Mustad size 14, 2XL Tail: Partridge Abdomen: Peacock Ribbing: Copper wire Thorax: Copper wire Wings: Goose biots Wing casing: Black backing, Flashabou Notes: While knocked on my butt a bit after my second Pfizer vaccine dose the other day, this pattern appeared in a bizarre dream. Easy to remember it, since it just reversed most of the front half with the back half in the traditional pattern. Looks a lot like a Prince Nymph, but it was fun to experiment.
  4. Is that your new addition to the family?
  5. Thanks, I am going to experiment with that as well.
  6. Kim, thank you for that. I had wondered why it was so difficult for me and I strongly suspect that is why. @Chisum - Welcome to the site. I joined here last early summer and have learned a lot. Great folks on here.
  7. This thought has crossed my mind a few times as well. One way to find out!
  8. @Sandan Nice precision on the details, especially with flies that small. Looking forward to a B&B evening myself this weekend.
  9. Parachute Adams, Size 18 Tail: Brown and grizzly hackle Body: Adams superfine dubbing Post: Antron yarn Parachute: Brown and grizzly hackle
  10. Nice job on both! I bet its sister/brother you created there will fish really nicely.
  11. I have the Trekker and am quite happy with it. I think you'll find the hook gaps in the jaws great for those bigger smallmouth flies. As others have said, you can get down to those smaller flies as well with the standard jaws... I've tied #24's with it which I believe is smaller than what Dyan King lists/suggests. No problems at all. Great vise, can't recommend it enough.
  12. Nicely done! That is such a fun fly to tie because of the history behind it, at least to me.
  13. That sounds epic!!!! I'm working my wife on a trip to your fine state not this summer, but the next. The 50 year old birthday celebration angle seems to be working so far.
  14. Nice!!!! I'm hoping our governor does the same again this year.
  15. Overall, I'm pretty happy with Maine's regulations... there are a few stocked rivers in each county that are open year round, the rest are seasonal. Gives the native fish a break, I suppose. That being said, just a handful of weeks until everything opens and I can't wait! My free time is spent plotting and scheming very often right now, ha ha.
  16. Parachute Adams Hook: Orvis DF1, size 16 Tail: Grizzly, brown hackle Body: Adam's gray superfine dubbing Wing post: Antron Parachute: Grizzly and brown hackle Notes: Getting better at these, though still some refining to do.
  17. Rusty Spinner Hook: TMC 101, size 12 Tail: White microfibbets Body: Mahogony goose biot Hackle: Badger Wings: White antron yarn Notes: Thank you @SBPatt for suggesting this Craven pattern. Opted for a dubbing ball to split the microfibbets, just find that easier and I like the look. Fun to tie. Bring on those spring/summer evenings!
  18. Thanks Scott!!! I may have to try that one. Much appreciated.
  19. Wally Wing Spinner Hook: TMC 101, Size 12 Tail: Tan Microfibbits Abdomen: Stripped Badger Quill Thorax: Brown dubbing Wings: Mallard flank Notes: I am hoping to fish more evenings this season in hopes of catching of spinner falls, so I plan to tie a variety of other spinner patterns as well soon and experiment with what works best.
  20. Nice ones, folks!!! @zip, great looking bug.
  21. I have some of those plastic-y fake jungle cock feathers... they are pretty cheap looking and not really worth it, IMO. Tied a few flies with them and it immediately sparked a memory of when I was a little kid and my mom would buy some supermarket brand knockoff of my favorite cereal.
  22. Hillmap.com is also quite useful. It does a split screen and allows several different map options for each side. When you scroll or position on one side, it mirrors the motions on the other. Really handy for cross referencing satellite and topo.
  23. Alright, who else is getting it? With the days getting noticeably longer and the temperatures presently being somewhat mild, I can't help being antsy for opening day on April 1st! I've tied more flies this past winter than any other winter by far, looking forward to putting them to good use more regularly.
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