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  1. Great looking fly, @SBPatt! Nice work.
  2. Another example... fly tied by my grandfather-in-law, several decades ago. I make sure it's the first ornament to go on the tree every year. 🙂
  3. @Poopdeck Great looking Copper John!!! Tight, clean work.
  4. I mostly get out on my local waters in the mornings and fish to the early in the afternoons in the spring/summer. I'd like to try more afternoons and evenings in the hopes of catching spinner falls this time around. That's about it, really. 🙂
  5. That's hard to find cheap, obviously! However, there are some resources online. This link is for Maine specifically, but I'm sure it's similar for most of New England. Best of luck.
  6. Those all look much nicer than my simple piece of scrap 2X4 with some holes drilled in it (A.K. Best tip)... but hey, it does the job!
  7. Looks great!!! I think you and Alaska are made for one another.
  8. Most impressive! Really like the abdomen.
  9. Olive Soft Hackle Hook: Size 14 Abdomen: Olive rabbit Ribbing: Copper wire Thorax: Brown rabbit Hackle: Hungarian Partridge Notes: I hemmed and hawed about what to tie for at least an hour, sifting through books and materials but it took a long while before something hit. Finally decided on something that would be simple and fun.
  10. Another nod for the Peak... best vice for the price, IMO. Rivals vises that double its price.
  11. Perhaps I'm cheating a bit, as I tied these a few hours before we turned the calendars turned to 2021... After seeing @flytire's mole fly, I was inspired to also tie up a small batch: Mole Fly Hook: TMC 2487, size 20 Wing: CDC Natural Body: Beaver dubbing Happy New Year!
  12. @Sandan Beautiful! Nicely done, looks amazing.
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