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  1. I have one made of white marble. I used a Peak vise extender for more bonding surface, and used stone adhesive from Lowes landscaping dept.
  2. Yep , I have the Tach-IT box. will hold 2 bazillion flies. you cant go wrong with this one. Blue Ribbon Flies carries them.
  3. I just got his products , the high power light and a few bottles of his crystal UV coat and could not be more pleased . Eyes are great and production tying barbell eyes with GSP bonds and does not slip anymore . no mess like epoxy. thanks for a great product Silver
  4. yes, yes i do. if you are looking for fun you will not be dissapointed.
  5. any help in keeping this from being an annoying problem would be good. I am using Fireline and a 6mm bead on the business end .
  6. curious as to where I can buy some quality dyed peacock quill, also looking for PMD color
  7. Customs is really not seal and polar bear friendly , its best to leave most of your material stash back there an pick up what you need here. Its a good reason to go to a fly shop.
  8. I have one I am using now, bone in ,right off the fox. Trapped last year. I left it to dry in the cold winter wind for a few days then into its ziplock with borax where it now resides.
  9. Fly tyer s dungeon Blue ribbon flies Great feathers. Hookhack No longer order from stockard. Too much delay in taking my money and the product getting here.
  10. I order material, then it comes in then I wonder what I was going to use it for.
  11. I am with cheech, I do not like the hook . it looks cool but that's about it. Bends easily in the smaller sizes.and that is from all manufacturer s
  12. Thread. Uncoated. It works. Silk or otherwise. It is very compliant with a razor when things go badly for the fly.
  13. I tie much, now for my son so everything is x2. I carry as little as possible and only what will fit in a small hip pack. that being said , I have enough little flip top bead boxes full for several week of non stop fishing in one of my converted material chest of drawers. some I have not seen in years.
  14. What is a good "almost" seal fur dubbing. There are many who say alternate.
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