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  1. I’m in. Pattern tbd
  2. Mine arrived yesterday, now trying to be good and not open till Christmas. Thank you all, look forward to this every year. Thank you Saint Nick for all your hard work😀
  3. Well sign me up. Thought it was too late
  4. Please send me Venmo account and return amount to v.mills64gmail.com
  5. Sorry I'm late with my little story. I started fly fishing about 12 years ago. I am within a few hours of all different fisheries. I started with warm water streams and ponds. Sunfish, bluegill, smal and large mouth bass. Soon I expanded into the local stocked trout streams. One of my early mentors told me he only fished fished wild trout. By this time i had started tying my own fliesmy first trout was a stocker on the Big Bushkill river on a wet fly. I set my sites on a wild trout only tailwater about an hour from home, Big Gunpowder falls, nice tailwater stream. Was some fairly rugged terrain for my out of shape late 50's body. Densly wooded with pretty steep elevation changes. I heard partridge and orange was a good fly here, so I had tied up some. A few hours later worn out and ready to give up, I felt the tug and landed a nice 7-8 inch wild trout. Caught on a flie I tied (first time). Two firsts in one day. Went home smiling. Still love the wet flies. So try my partridge and orange, especially if you haven't before. Easy to tie and easy to fish. 14 barbless Patridge hook wide gape Pearsalls orange silk thread Fine or extra fine silver wire Hackle Hungarian partridge
  6. When I was doing the return sase, one time I had some issue and had to go to the counter. I was told it was over a certain thickness and had to be mailed as a package, which is a higher rate. I told them had no trouble with this in the past and was told I was lucky it got where it was going. I guess it depends on your local post office and who you have to deal with. Personally not offended, just trying to do what works and what is requested by swapmaster. As they are are the ones handling that part. A dollar or two makes no difference to me, but understand it might for some. I just want a swapmaster putting out their own money on top of the effort they put into these swaps.
  7. Just posted Opening day swap, would love to have you.

  8. Now if someone does a dry fly swap I’m getting pretty good at parachute Adam’s and am in middle of tying 100 for tie a thon
  9. Opening day swap will post tomorrow, trout flies only.  PM me if you are interested.


  10. Now if someone does a dry fly swap I’m getting pretty good at parachute Adam’s and am in middle of tying 100 for tie a thon
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