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  1. Thanks guys, it's appreciated ! Now on to Steves thread my news seems to have derailed it.
  2. Thanks Pat. Actually I have a scheduled appointment with my cardio doc this month anyway and blood work to get done for my primary that I just hadn't seemed to get around to. So between those things my health will be addressed. I'm starting to desire getting out a little now, I am riding my exercise bike although short times but fairly regular. by March or so I may even wet a line, we shall see.
  3. About 80miles from here there is a little river that looks a lot like that. Land Locked salmon run up there out of the reservoir below when the water is high and rushing. And it has resident brook trout. My wife and I would take rides up there every so often on a Sunday afternoon, she would sit in the car and read or knit as I made a few casts enough to satisfy the urge. But she just passed on Dec.20 so that's off the table till I figure out my new life direction. Pretty spot, good reminder of good memories Steve !
  4. I always prefer wrapping under the body than to use a bead on nymphs size 12 and smaller. I think they fish better and catch more fish in my experience. Especially so for the Elk Hair Caddis ( my most proven/trusted/versatile nymph). Just my opinion but to me at least, beads suck. I've proven it to myself time and again. There is one exception and that's black tungsten beads. And I tie one gigantic black/grizzly/peacock herl with a gold bead or black brass bead and that fishes great in low light or early morning gray days. But for the average nymph I pass on the beads. To me, beads turn more fish off than on.
  5. One time I was fishing in a caddis hatch and brook trout had turned on. I had this beat up caddis pattern on my line and was catching fish until the fly just fell apart. My son was with me not catching much with the same pattern but fresh. When I changed my fly because there was nothing left of the old one, I put on a nice new fresh elk hair caddis and wasn't catching a thing. I clipped most of the wing off, roughed up the dubbing and immediately starting catching fish again. I told my son to clip half the materials off his fly and beat up the dubbing which he did and he too was now catching fish. Additionally the fish were feeding just under the surface and taking the fly when jerked in tiny quick strips. We were catching brookie after brookie till some folks started noticing it. They said they been fishing all afternoon, what are you guys using. Our reply " beat to s+++ caddis". So why do I say this today ? At the right moment in the right situation your flies will be perfection, maybe not to you but to the fish.
  6. That would be an almost perfect small stream rod for up in Maine ( be better in alpine green or a buff color though). I use a GF1000 graphite in 7ft for that situation which is moderate to slightly fast action, by todays standards that's pretty low modulus graphite. You don't need high speed action in a little stream, it would just be a hindrance. Slower is better for that situation. I like what I have, been using it for 30 years. If not I certainly would be contacting Steve and see if he would sell me a blank. I've fished glass in the past and got along fine with it for everything except maybe long casts on a lake or pond .I understand stiff rods for bass but not everyone uses them. And scrappy little salmon or brook trout in a stream have a way of bouncing themselves off against a stiff high speed rod when in close. Your creel numbers stream fishing (per fish hooked) will go up with a softer rod. Just my take.
  7. Now that is a nice color combo right there.
  8. I had some really crappy blood red peacock herl I was making my GGs with. Didn't seem to matter much as I recall. But I had tied red body with Grizzly hackle flies with a short bit of red tailing material to use as a wet fly in size 16-18 or so and that thing hammered cold spring weather snowy day hold over rainbows in the ponds around here using a slow sink line. I don't do that kind of fishing anymore though, it's a great memory non the less. Your flies look awesome !
  9. Lookin good ! I did two black Revelation 5wt in those colors, one for my wife, one for myself. Always a good choice after all is said and done ( the colors) imo.
  10. I think it was Fisher or maybe T&T who had a blue like that. I have a T&T 8 wt but it's darker blue. Nice rod anyway, Steve, someone should be very pleased !!
  11. My experience with breathable waders isn't good, it's usually not a pin hole but something in the material itself lets go and water wicks through until the day it pours through. Yet I buy breathables. They last however long they last and that's that. Hodgeman replaced two for me from a single purchase ,upgrading to the next level wader the second time and the upgrade lasted several years. Right now I have Bass Pro's I guess White River or something, they've been doing ok . But an email to the company customer service might do more than you expect. My Hodgeman were months out of warranty and the lady I got honored it. I told her on my initial email I didn't expect new waders but needed an address to send mine to so they could check out their defective product. That I never saw a wader leak like this and they probably would want to analyze the material. The rest is history. That second replacement was about $300 waders, when the finally did leak I went to replace them and they were no longer made.
  12. "Clown" it's written into mankind's dna and appears on everyones face from time to time in one form or another. There are no exceptions. 🙂
  13. I just like things "fly fishing/tying" so clicked other... 🙂
  14. I backed off the bobbin tension with UTC70 if it's too tight the thread can snap easier where the bobbin doesn't give. I thought it was complete rubbish when I bought the first spool a few years ago, that was my answer, bobbin tension. I'd never use it to spin deer hair though. I might use the 140 now and then but usually switch brands for that. I tie my small Muddlers with Danville .
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