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  1. "Clown" it's written into mankind's dna and appears on everyones face from time to time in one form or another. There are no exceptions. 🙂
  2. I just like things "fly fishing/tying" so clicked other... 🙂
  3. I backed off the bobbin tension with UTC70 if it's too tight the thread can snap easier where the bobbin doesn't give. I thought it was complete rubbish when I bought the first spool a few years ago, that was my answer, bobbin tension. I'd never use it to spin deer hair though. I might use the 140 now and then but usually switch brands for that. I tie my small Muddlers with Danville .
  4. Everything about the Royal Wolf to me is rewarding ( coachman too). Size 8 or 10, not bad to tie, cool colors. It's not so great around home waters but I like them to look at and for Maine, it's the last shot in the evening kind of fly on a Maine River that often gets that big fish that won't take anything resembling caddis in a caddis hatch but sail this thing that looks like the Mayflower ship coming down the river compared to the caddis everywhere, goes right over that big fish that's been poking it's head our periodically and wham. Plus it has memories from 30 years ago attached to it. There so many flies for various reasons though but I'll run with this today and put my other favorites aside...............................
  5. Nice, looks great !! I did one in brown and copper too, last year or the year before. I don't have the burl cork though, just natural and dark/burnt. The burl puts that unique figure in there. Also the first in a while to build the full wells grip, makes me want to strip my other rods that have half wells on them........
  6. You'll both learn from these experiences and excursions, and both never forget it. It's a real portion of the very richness of life, will come to fully realize that in about 20 years. Not that you don't know it now but somehow looking back brings in that fullness element.... Some dads don't take the time and that really sucks.. Congrats to both you and your boy !!
  7. Sometimes I'll throw a size 6 bucktail streamer on my three wt because it's what I have with me.. It has no problem with the hook, it's the fluff on the hook or weight if weighted that slows it down. Bucktails I like to tie 8s or even 10s for it specifically though, nice trim profiled flies, not a lot of air drag and very effective. Muddlers too, blue gills and bass love Muddlers. I caught a 3lb bass gill fishing a couple different times with 3 wt and Muddlers. Size 10.
  8. Sometimes the fish need the break in the action lol, truly. 20 minutes is about right. People think wow I changed to that fly what a pattern, when really you stopped slapping the water for a few minutes. Next fly to hit the water and wham ! Again truly/seriously.
  9. I can't speak of wax on the body of a thread body fly because I don't wax there. But I do wax the thread of the whip finish before whipping and non of those flies ever unraveled on me. I think the wax melts into the knot as you pull it down tight making an effective head cement in it own right that is strong enough to be effective..
  10. Depending on the rig I'm fishing, I do two different setups, one is the double surgeons knot, the other loop to loop.
  11. Hah, I've tried to recover those incidents, never works right. But ya the half hitch, I can only agree and such a simple step......
  12. Just for the record in my experience the more messed up the hair on a woolly bugger the better the fish like em. That said you don't cut the tails though, you tie in the marabou fibers with just a loose couple of turns of thread then pull the feather forward through the thread towards the hook eye till they are the length you want them, tie it down tight. Your chenille should already be just tied in but not wrapped till the tail feather is in good and tight. There are several videos out there on youtube explaining the steps to tying a bugger. Blue Gill will like smaller messed up looking buggers. They also like woolly worms. These are both tried and true patterns, some folks just sort of hang right there tying these in many colors and configurations but especially the bugger, ribbed , non ribbed, weighted, non weighted, eyes, no eyes, even dumb bell eyes. Beads no beads. S0o tie on !!
  13. Hen fishes just as good, the fish don't know your life story of hackle selection.
  14. Dave G.


    Depends what the tag says. It could be as mentioned above. Or it could be a retailers tag, least around here they used to tag a few fish. If you caught one, we clipped the tag off and went to the retailer on the tag. Two years in a row I caught tagged trout, each was worth $35 redemption at that store. I still use the vest I got with the tag one year and the tackle box I got the following year I turned into a tying case is still my main travel box and beyond. The fish were released. But natural resource tags or Fish and Game tags you leave on the fish. And these days they also tag with radio frequency tags. A university in Maine was doing a study, they radio tagged a 5lb brook trout up there and discovered that fish went in and out of the Moose River 5 times one summer, slipping into deep water in the lake when out of the river. Whats funny is they also sent divers into the pool below the dam and found summer fish there were all small most of the summer long. They came back into the river and some larger fish camped out in that dam pool starting the second week of Sept or so.
  15. I like it. Never would have thought of it but I like it.
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