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  1. That vice is fine. And keep the fly, fish it as an emerger in the film you might catch the biggest fish in the pool, seriously. Meanwhile look up some videos on hair stacking. For years I used a cut off drinking straw for that till I got an official hair stacker. Caught many salmon in Maine on elk hair Caddis, never too a class. I ties according to what I see on the water. Sometimes you literally need to beat your elk hair caddis up because the neat one wouldn't buy you a fish much less catch one. There are days like that on the water.
  2. You can't go by the comparison of a glass of water vs fishing. You're luck, very lucky if you get a 15 second drift in a stream. Ten minutes is unthinkable. No ten seconds, maybe 12 or so and the fly is back in the air getting the water false casted off and then sat back down again. The water surface tension is weird in a glass anyway. Those flies should do fine,certainly at least for a few drifts before they get soaked.
  3. Love that particular blue against the black.
  4. Looks like the rod I learned fly fish on. Caught my first brookie on that rod, with level line and auto reel.
  5. I see designated pumpkin seed ( sunfish) rod written all over that. Around here they get plump too.
  6. Ya but it's nice to see a classic now and then and so well done, to be used in a classic setting ( salmon fishing,nothing is quite like it) !
  7. If there ever was a dedicated "fall brookie rod" that's it. Beautiful build Steve !
  8. I've used orange sewing thread. Builds mighty fast though lol !
  9. I'd be tempted to start spey casting and end up busting the thing in two lol. But that's nice combo and a beautiful rod in my book, personal issues aside !
  10. You wouldn't believe what my best fishing late season black stone fly pattern is if I told you. But it has palmered dark grizzly hen hackle, it's ribbed with wire has a shortish marabou tail and a bead head on it. Sometimes I lose the the idea of the wing cases and I almost think it fishes better. Honestly it's not much different from a woolly bugger . The body wrap is peacock herl or black marabou. It's not about building models of insects,those usually fail but lots of moving materials that entice fish. The soft hen is a key element and when mine runs out I'll be hard pressed to find another with more to the dark bars than white. I bought it for 5 bucks in a grab box in a fly shop, maybe 20 years ago, sold as rejects but it's perfect for this need. Fish dive on this thing when it hits the water sometimes. My wife and avid fishing partner now passed on, one time banged a 24" land locked salmon before the fly sunk, literally, just off the side of the boat too.We had anchored in a run with a hole to the rear of the boat, she toss her line over the side figuring to let it drift back, when the fly hit the water this fish jumped it and ran down river. The advantage of the boat won, pulled anchor and just backed down through the hole to where the fish settled down with less line pressure in calmer water on it and she successfully boated that fish. I tie the same thing but in full fledged woolly buggers too, she loved them always dredging them deep with sinking line. She was quite the fisher lady from a boat, not so great on foot but from a boat always getting the big one it seemed. She had me tie those two patterns for her as stocking stuffers at Christmas lol ! Those and a certain little Muddler I tied for her that she clobbered brook trout with from a canoe. She kept right up with me with her little 7ft RP 4 wt.
  11. Ya that's a nice combo right there.
  12. Dave G.


    Totally depends on the operation at hand.
  13. I have the Spartan is a bit smaller and do my main tying on it, works fine. I tie mostly from size 6- 8 down to 18. #4 works fine. Then I have the HMH tube fly vise as well that I enjoy. But that big brass wheel on it does not act like a flywheel as on some other vises on the market. When I travel I still use my old India made vise and HMH tube fly adapter if I want tubes. I like to tie my grey and my green ghosts on tubes. Traditional tie otherwise with feathers, Jungle cock eyes and such and the fly separates off the hook sliding up the leader when the fish strikes bringing considerable more longevity to the tie with toothy salmon.
  14. Looks good, clear photos, lots of them. Websites are always a work in progress or they go stagnant.
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