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  1. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=7198&do=findComment&comment=564991 Maybe try eBay?
  2. Thanks! I'll be trying it that way.
  3. I've starting twisting my dubbing the opposite way I had been after reading likely the same thing as the op. But I usually keep it tight by applying the dubbing by spinning the vise and using the tip of my index finger to roll the noodle a bit tighter as it goes.
  4. I've heard people say that most people fishing with sponge are just "flossing" fish, and not catching them fair. I've never fished the SR personally, that's just what I've heard.
  5. I regret not looking at your link earlier to the exact reel you're looking at. I own one and a spare spool too. I have a sinking and sink tip line on the spools so I honestly haven't used it a ton. And I usually fish my lamson with the floating line for winter steelhead. From the research I did, the reel was designed with Cabela's and lamson and it has the lamson drag. The only thing I noticed that I don't recall if my name brand lamson has is a plastic clicker on the back of the spool that looks only a bit cheap.
  6. I got a High back executive chair with arms that fold up out of the way for Father's day. Love it so far. Though, I never tie for several hours on end.
  7. I've had good luck steel heading with my lamson. Can't say for sure I've dunked the reel in significantly sub freezing temps though. Chap stick on the guides is an alternative to the Pam. And something you might be more likely to have on hand in cold weather.
  8. Very cool. Bass ought to slurp those things. SBS?
  9. I use a j stockard universal tube a adaptor, straws from aerosol cans (like wd40), and lawn mower fuel line for junction tubes. I don't tie or fish allot of them but I'm in the game for just the price of the adapter.
  10. Carp flies on sz 8 glo bug hooks. Dumbbell or bead chain eyes Hen hackle palmered at the bend FTD bug legs Very small amount of gold flash (or skip it) Rabbit for from a zonker strip in a dubbing loop More hen hackle if you didn't have enough dubbing 😁
  11. that second video is wild. Wish he'd have said which weight rod that was that he broke.
  12. Well it is posted in the fly tying bench, not the videos section.
  13. Pound for pound in fresh water(I'm in North Eastern US) it's gotta be a bluegill or other sunfish. The tall body gives them so much resistance in the water for their size. They're almost permit shaped. Oddly though I find that crappie hardly fight much at all in comparison, considering their body shape. Best fight I've ever had out of a freshwater fish (non for caught, sorry) was a big flathead catfish in a river. Even with heavy gear they pull so much dragyou start to think they're just never gonna stop.
  14. Would this be using the leading edge or trailing edge of the wing feather for the hackle? I have a starling skin and don't have much use for the wings yet.
  15. I recently purchased an in touch single hand spey line in 3wt. Like it allot so far. Has a bit of memory, but could just be because it's new. Not crazy about the peach color of the head. But that's a minor detail.
  16. Since I rarely use beads either ... and I never tie as small as the OP is asking.So, in defense of his question ... perhaps you've hit it on the head. WHAT is considered "normal" size? If there's a normal size, then one can decide to "upsize" or "downsize" based on that. I'd reference this for "normal size" http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=16199&page=1
  17. Seems like you might be over thinking this. Use an up sized bead in real fast/deep water. Use the normal size otherwise.
  18. 8'9" 3wt rod, Rio single hand spey 3wt line, and Anglerdream Archer reel. In able to easily roll cast the 33' head, 8' floating orvis poly leader, and 5' if tippet right where I want it just about every time. Still working on my spey technique to maybe be able to shoot some line, but liking it so far. Even casting sz 6 poppers 45ft straight upstream. Overhand casts nicely too.
  19. this. Plus you're advertising your secret fishing spot at the same time.
  20. Thanks guys. That's what I was thinking. Ordered an 8'9" 3wt Powell legacy xl off of STP. Gonna pair it with a Rio in touch single hand spey line.
  21. So would an 8 1/2' rod or a 10'(Euro nymph) rod be better suited to single hand spey techniques?
  22. Since you already have the beads, could you just tie a regular bugger, put a bead on the line (peg it if you want), then tie on your fly?
  23. A friend of mine has a 3d printer. Are plans for that available online somewhere?
  24. And looks very easy to get wrong too. I'll be practicing the technique with all my rods.
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